Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Monday it was the flu shot. Tomorrow it's pecans.

We struck out on finding a place for Mama to get her flu shot until I heard that Target was giving them. I really didn't even know they had a pharmacy. I called the Montgomery one, and they were out but directed me to the Prattville Target. It was a nice little drive up I-65, and she got it with no trouble.

I spent my time poking around in the pharmacy section, mainly looking for a fever blister medication because, although I've never had a full-fledged fever blister, I recognize the lip tingling that means one is about to start. I think Abreva is the medication that's supposed to magically clear it up, so I thought I would get a tube just in case. I found it and seeing the $16 price tag certainly healed it on the spot. This is for maybe a one-inch tube. The package was big though, about the size of my hand. I figured I would take a chance on it doing what it usually does and getting better by itself.

The pecans we can get closer to home. The problem is when there will be some. We went last Thursday downtown to Tucker's Pecans, and they said to come back next week. I'm going to call today and see if they're in because Mama has her day planned tomorrow. The carpet cleaners are coming, and we're going to be banished from most of the house after 12:00, so she wants to sit in the sun room and watch her soap opera while she picks out pecans.

My trip(s) downtown yesterday are funny now, but I was seriously worried about myself for awhile yesterday.

I love having several hours of my own during the middle of the day. Normally there's some piddly little errand that eats into my 5-hour break. But yesterday was library day, and I was really looking forward to it. I tried to go Monday on the way from Prattville, but time ran out, and I didn't like to be rushed with Mama sitting in the car.

So I started down Atlanta Highway - it's a long way to downtown - and stopped by the bank first and then was driving along thinking my own thoughts, happy to be alive and looking forward to getting some new books and CDs.

Then I happened to glance at the seat beside me and saw my library bag. It looked a little flat laying there, but it took me a few seconds to realize there was nothing in it. I even looked, but I knew there was nothing in it. I knew I hadn't made a stop by the little counter in the breakfast room where I keep library books.

There was nothing to do but make a U-turn because those CDs were due that day, and there's a 50-cents-a-day fine for them. I was seriously beating myself up, but then I figured I would just get gas (which I would definitely need at the end of this day) and the newspaper before I sneaked back into the house to get the items. I amused myself by seeing how many lights I could make before having to stop and thinking happy thoughts again - trying to ignore my forgetfulness. I tried to call Debby to confess what I had done because I knew she would sympathize, but she didn't answer.

I drove into the garage, went into the door to the kitchen, and headed for the counter. To my surprise, there was nothing there. What?!! That's where they STAY. Who's moved them? A moment of panic until it came to me. Oh...... That trip to Prattville yesterday. I had put my library stuff in the back seat in case there was time to stop.

So. I rode those library books from one end of Montgomery to the other with them sitting right behind me. I guess I'm going to have to start pinning notes to myself. I do talk to myself a good bit - pretty bad talking yesterday - but I need something else.

A good thing. The glass guy just came and replaced the French door glass, quickly and without breaking it this time. I wish the carpenters would finish up so I could paint. On my break today, I'm going to get every last weed up, blow off the front porch and driveway (or why bother?) and wash all the bookshelves in the den. I love having all this storage. I'm afraid I won't ever have as much anywhere else as I do here. I even have kitchen cabinets with empty top shelves.

On second thought, this may be a two-day job.

I love zinnias. Even after cleaning out the flower bed, the ones I allowed to stay are just blooming like crazy. Well, it's kind of more fun to talk about what I'm going to do than actually do it, but I'm off to tackle some of it anyway. If I can remember what it was I was going to do. I did just now get up to go find the camera to take a picture of the bookshelves and got distracted and took a chair to the storage house, found some paint, opened it, washed the pet dishes, took a picture of the zinnias and started pulling up weeds when I remembered I was in the middle of writing this. And even then, I answered 2 e-mails before I got back on track.

Life is good though!

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  1. You are so funny! Your library book incident totally sounds like something I would do!!!