Friday, October 16, 2009

October Friday

I'm loving the nice chilly weather. Because of the clouds and grayness, it seemed colder than it was - 60 degrees. Mama was afraid that if it started to rain it would turn to sleet. Flannel pajamas and sweatshirts and electric mattress pad all have been made ready by her, anticipating the winter. We went to Hancock Fabrics where I bought only half-price thread and 6 buttons, but she bought a whole bag of stuff. Then we went to Wal-Mart for our weekly outing. We didn't need many groceries, but all the animals were out of food, and I needed cleaning stuff and Round-Up. We ended up with our Chic-Fil-A weekly lunch.

During the afternoon I worked a couple of hours and weeded flower beds and washed one more set of blinds. Since I've had to put up all my sewing stuff because of the (maybe) selling of the house, this has become my favorite spot lately.

This little love seat is in my bedroom, and while I'm working, I glance longingly at my little stack of needlework and can't wait to finish up work and chores to get to spend a couple of hours listening to one of my audio books and cross-stitching. There's usually a nice cup of coffee nearby.

When I was cleaning up the sunroom/sewing room, I found a plastic box full of unfinished projects. One is a fall bread cloth that I'm not sure how long has been unfinished. I'm going to finish this first and give it away.
These other things were finished but forgotten over the past 10 years or so.

I loved doing these cups. They were such fun to do, but I have no idea what to do with them. Or if I even have a place for these colors.

I liked doing the shells but can't remember when or where. Probably one of those beach projects from years ago. Maybe with another set, they would look good in a bathroom.

I started the Peter Rabbit characters (I love Peter's mischievous look) to maybe one day do a quilt when I get all 12 of them done.

The cottage is one I did from a kit brought over by my friend Diane from England. I have another one finished somewhere, and I do want to get these framed. They all need cleaning and pressing.
Two monograms done for some abandoned Christmas gift, I guess.

There are two very ambitious projects that I have barely started (one of which includes just opening the package). I think that will be enough to keep me busy through the winter. Small projects that I can slip under the couch if I have to hide things.


  1. Oh wow! You are so multi talented! I love those little teacups. You should frame them in one of those multi-opening picture frames. That would look so sweet.
    Thanks for sharing all of these beauties! Great work! Just beautiful.

  2. Thank you. Cross-stitch is mindless though!

    I think in the original picture, they were hung either in a multi-opening frame or 3 separate ones hung with a ribbon. Something appealed to me about them though. I think that was when we had the lima-bean green sunroom, and that's probably what attracted me to them. That was 3 houses ago.