Monday, October 5, 2009

More TX Adventures

Before the BBQ event, Elise had a day off, and we went to spend the day in Lubbock. We went by the Varsity (which is a bookstore and not an eating place), and I got to meet all her co-workers. Did a little shopping too, my favorite of which was a (what else?) Texas Tech T-shirt. I could have spent half a day in there looking at all the artsy and organizing things.

We went to a Thai restaurant where Elise eats a lot. I can't remember the name of it and certainly can't remember what we had. Mine was #8 and #21, I think. Tell me the names of them, Lise. I know this was an egg roll and some things for dipping. Excellent! I had a picture of our main dishes, but they're in that never-never land of lost pictures.
My dinner companion. He was right there beside me along with about 20 of his friends giving me the evil eye.
A nice little restaurant. Every table had a little bouquet of flowers on it. I'm thinking bluebonnets since they were blue and unfamiliar. I recognized the marigolds. Even though it would be considered a fast-food place, the food was good, and Elise is very discerning about her Thai food. I'd like to go back the next time I'm there.

The next stop was unusual for us. Elise was feeling especially mellow that afternoon, I guess, because she went with me into the quilt shop I like there, Rachel's Fine Fabrics. I had been once before and liked it a lot. Nice people, pretty things. Elise doesn't have any interest in the making of quilts, but she knows how to appreciate them and loved picking out some fabrics for her quilt.

She's just the kind of person I like to sew for, especially a quilt, because she says she doesn't care how long it takes me; in fact, she likes the idea of being able to tell people, "My mother worked on this quilt for 5 years." Hopefully it will be less than that!

No outing would be complete without a visit to Wal-Mart. We found a little dogloo (catloo) to shelter the kittens from the cold wind this winter and got a few more things and were ready to head home. I like the way Elise knows her way around Lubbock now. It's an easy town to learn to get around in, but I had forgotten it all.

It was a special treat to spend a whole mother-daughter day together. I've missed that so much.

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