Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Pictures

On her excellent decorating website, Southern Hospitality, Rhoda a few weeks ago hosted a "fall party" whereby she posts pictures of her beautiful home and decorations and invites others to provide links to their pictures. I have enjoyed so much looking at the many web sites and pictures of the ones who have participated.

It never crossed my mind to enter a picture of my tired old decorations because I have my own following, a captive audience of maybe 4 to ooh and ahh over my creativity.

I was thinking about the polite smiles that would greet this. Not even any candy corn in it yet, because I know who would eat it. I used to have a bigger version but also people living with me to help eat the candy corn. That clink of glass is a certain giveaway that someone is candy-snitching.
These are sprayed and glittered pine cones that Mama did about 5 years ago. They sat on my porch table in Columbus where they lost most of their glitter and now are on the bookcase.
I had this glass container and thought it was a perfect place to toss leftovers. See how creative I am!

I just go to my holiday cabinet and start pulling out my old tired things and see how they're going to fit the house I'm currently in. They never fail to make me think of other places I've used them.

Emily sent me these when she was living in SD. I did learn that they're called putka pods, but I like to think of them as miniature pumpkins. Elise gave me the acorns when we lived in Greensboro. The bowl Mike brought from Mexico. The dust on the table is my contribution.

The breakfast room table is always the same except this year I got new napkins. And the squirrels are new. I found them at Hancock Fabrics last year.

Mike and I went to a home show in Atlanta when we were rebuilding the house in Thomaston, and I bought this trivet. That may have been my first fall purchase after the fire. The colorful teapot was a Mother's Day gift from Gray and Stephanie and goes nicely with it.
This old wreath looked okay hanging on the window, but it kept falling into the sink, so I just propped it up, and it's a little saggy.

The little wooden houses and church we found on our trip to New England in the 1980s. They've always been in the Christmas decorations, but they got left out this year, and I think they're just what this window ledge needed.
The usual dining table display.

It was pouring rain and thundering, so I didn't linger too long on the front porch. It's not quite as dull as this picture makes it look, but I may have to brighten up the leaves in Grandma's churn.

So that's it. Nothing special, but it cheers me up for some reason to put out fall and Christmas decorations.

If a few of my many readers would like to send me pictures, we'll have our own Fall Party.

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