Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday for Lise along with more pets in clothes

Happy Birthday to Elise today - wonderful daughter, good friend, and a fun person to be around. Always the one to pick me up when I'm having a bad day and make me laugh.

We love you a lot!

After hinting around for some Washington pictures for a month now, Karen and Ryan sent me some. Ryan's I will put up tomorrow.

Rico and Jack did not want to be outdone by the Littlefield Chihuahuas or the Birmingham sweatered cat, so here they are in their nice things. According to Karen, this is Rico's "good" sweater because he is on his best behavior when he wears it. Like standing on the back of the couch!

Jack will do anything for a treat, even wear outgrown clothes.

Jack says, "War Princess."

Those helium refrigerators in Issaquah are a pain to hold down.

It sometimes makes the workers irritable with each other when they fight over whose turn it is to get down and look out the window for cougars.

Since we don't have a dress-up picture of Griff, I found this old one. Wonder if he can still do this.

I did find this one of him sporting a hoodie and thrilled about it too.
Had to include this one. Little bear!


  1. Happy Birthday, Elise! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks, Lydia! I appreciate it! Thanks also to Mama, Grandmama Ray, Aunt Kathy & Uncle Alan, Granddaddy Windham, and Emily for sending a birthday card to me. Very sweet to remember. Emily, you might can do better next year, though. You know very well that I like fancy, pink cards, preferrable with a hot-pink mini boa glued onto the front of the card. I'm cool and stylish that way, and you of all people should know that! (For everyone else, please note extreme sarcasm in this message to my sister. She actually DID send a pink card with a hot-pink boa glued to the front, and the card dared to say "Happy Birthday to the most cool and stylish girl I know"!) Ehhh, thanks, Emmi. When I daydream, sometimes I'm cool and stylish in them, but in reality, I'm the farthest thing from "cool and stylish"....and I like it that way...and my sister knows I embrace my strange
    un-coolness...I'm digging myself a hole now. I'd better stop now. Love to all,

  3. I was up in N. GA Sunday and away from the computer, so I'm late to the party but wanted to wish Elise a happy belated birthday!

    I just love the dressed-up animal pics! I'm on a mission to find our cats some cool clothes now. =) Love, love, love the cats holding down the fridge- need to teach mine to "perch" on top of the fridge, too.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELISE!!! I remember her 16th birthday when we drove to Alabama to pick up the 'Stang!


  5. Spending the weekend in N. GA is a good thing, Molly - no? I miss Mt. Airy in the fall! I thought cats always gravitated to refrigerator tops.

    Suzanne - Now I don't remember picking that car up in Alabama, but that's nothing new. Maybe I wasn't along. I remember that car though - red, I believe.