Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Morning Nursery

About once a month I stay in the older nursery at our church, and I pretty much enjoy it. The first Sunday there was a 5-year-old boy and 2 little girls, cousins I believe, who played nicely together, although it still surprises me how they run everywhere they go and come within inches of hitting chins and foreheads on things. Heart-stopper.

Last time I had the lone 5-year-old, and he pretty much watched a video, Larry the Pickle or something like that, and the old, old version of Peter Cottontail - in July. It worked. He then practiced his karate chops on the rocking chair arm where I was sitting, but it was overall a good experience.

Today the same 5-year-old was there with one of the 2-year-old cousins and another 6-year-old boy visiting his grandmother. The first 15 minutes were nice as the little girl played and crooned to her farm animals and giggled to herself, and the boys talked "technology," as they called it. I guess it's TV or grownups talking around these kids, but they soon lost me in their game, planning with fake phone calls and deadlines a rocket launch and making weapons out of Legos and whatever those other things are and working really well together. "They've given me 2 days to complete this project. I'll never made it." And 3 minutes later. "Oh, no, time's up. I'm going to lose my job over this," falling on the floor and grabbing the telephone to make his excuses.

Then just as I took out my needlework for a little "me" time, the boys started with their sword fighting and karate chopping and swinging the stick horse and jabbing with xylophone sticks. Noisy! It's hard to know what's normal for 5- and 6-year-olds since I'm never around this age any more and when I should step in. I know they're not going to sit down and put together puzzles, but there was a constant intervening on my part and taking away of dangerous toys. It was a long hour, but everyone survived. Here are some scenes. I'm not sure why the pictures are so blurred.

This little boy killed me with his grown-up wallet with "7 bucks" in it that so impressed the 5-year-old. Problem is, he couldn't get it into and out of his back pocket without my helping him. Takes away some of the coolness when that happens. The Crocs make up for it though.

This dainty little weapon, I was told, could fire 20,000 bullets a a time. Interesting that he is standing in the sink of the little kitchen area while showing it off. The creation ended up in time-out, though, a little bit later, all that power wasted in the craft closet.

This was a chosen position and it kept this one still for maybe 5 minutes. I think he was hoping the other boy would sit on him so he could start fighting again.


Speaking of sweetness, check out Sherry's blog. She's getting quite a collection of little girls to sew for.

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