Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Nothing-Happened-Yesterday Post

The last of the white crepe Myrtles at the corner of the house.

I was sorting through my pictures last night and trying to organize and get rid of some, and I happened upon this curious picture. It took me a minute to remember the circumstances of my having this particular dog at my house, but then I remembered that I had volunteered (in a weak moment, at the urging of Elise probably) to temporarily board Katrina-displaced pets. It turned out that no one ever called, but then the next spring I got a call from the Columbus animal shelter asking if I could keep a puppy for a few weeks. Thinking it would be a fun thing for Darby to have another puppy to play with I agreed. The lady told me it was an Australian shepherd which I agreed to, but this is what greeted me. Bucky. This "puppy" was 4 months old and wanted to be a lap dog. He completely overwhelmed Darby, the hyper dog, which is saying a lot. He destroyed (playfully) everything he came into contact with and would not let Darby near us when he was around and and ate all her food. Needless to say, it was not a fun few days.

Unfortunately, he started to get listless and stopped eating - VERY unusual - and just wanted to sleep - more unusual. I took him back to the shelter where they diagnosed him as having parvovirus, a pretty serious disease. Thanks a lot for bringing that to us. It was sad to see him so sick, but there's no way I could have handled a dog like that for another day. Chair cushions all over the yard. Flowers trampled and eaten. A ton of food eaten a day.

It made Darby look like a little angel, and at that point she was chewing wicker rocking chair legs and biting heads off daisies.

I registered for Facebook reluctantly, but I have to admit I'm enjoying it. Well not exactly Facebook itself because I don't use it that much, but for helping me find some old friends. I've been looking for Molly for 10 years at least and finally found her. We worked together in Atlanta when we first start doing transcription and had so much fun on those middle-of-the-night breaks. She was pregnant then, and that little girl she had is now starting to high school. We're just now finding out about each other - privately, of course. More about these sweet girls later.

I had found Rita earlier; in fact, we now work for the same company again, but it's nice to see all their pictures and hear about their lives again on Facebook. When Rita talks about her "critters," I now can see what she's talking about. I really didn't expect to see this though.

Ummm. Yep, that's Charlie the goat.

Now I really have to work.


  1. The Katrina dog did those things to your house? Sounds like my 20 month old son.

  2. Ha. I'll just bet. And you can't return him! Fun times, those almost-two's and two's. And three's. I'm sure the messes go completely out of your head when you see him sleeping or when he gives you a hug.

    I didn't actually let this dog in the house. I liked my house! Can you see Darby's submissive pose in the picture? What a wimp! She was probably only about 4 or 5 months older than him.

  3. Sweet Becky: I´m so ashamed for write until now, but last week was a really busy week for us.
    I´m working every tuesday and thursday afternoon on a Alejandro´s school project for one children´s cancer hospital. We (4 moms) and the kids are making some artistic canvas for a public sale (this word is right?) the next month. So right now I´m having a fast checking for my e-mails.
    You were asking about the cake: Well, Alejandro ask to my dad for a black forrest (chocolate, cherries and kirsh) very, very sinful, (picture posted) for the family dinner that night; and the cupcakes for his school buddies, half coconut, half chocolate with coconut icing and gummy bears on top (he especifically ask for all of this) So here I am, running for finish the project and housekeeping, I´m tired, but I know this is very important thing to do and worths the effort.

    Nice photos as always, thank you for the one who gave the greetings for Alejandro, very special and nice people.
    Hugs, Gaby

  4. Ah, Gaby. I bet you are tired. I can remember those projects that took all your time. That cake does sound sinful. For a little boy, he has fancy tastes. The cupcakes looked like something children would love. I couldn't tell from the picture that they were gummy bears. I thought they were gumdrops. But whatever - I know they gobbled them up. I know his birthday was a happy one.

  5. Aww, we made the blog! =) I have really, really enjoyed reading your blog and catching up a little bit. Emily's wedding was just gorgeous! Hannah and I both ooh-ed and ahh-ed through all of the pictures. I know you are SO proud but I'm sure you miss them being so close. What an adventure for them. And a doctor! I dislocated my elbow last summer (tripped over Hannah's kitten!) and found a new appreciation for my physical therapist! I'd never had any type of bone injury but oh my- my PT and I had a love/hate relationship at times! =) She sure did get my elbow back in working condition, though. We'll talk soon. Love your flowers!


  6. YAY. A commenter. My family members will never say anything. I love it. I can't wait to get to know you and Hannah again. Such fun. I live vicariously through other people, so any contributions will be appreciated. Pictures especially. Do you have any pictures from the time we worked in Atlanta - not of me! I remember your wearing a green sweater (I think) and how cute you were. Start digging. Hannah baby and little kid pictures. I need to see everything. I'll write more when I have time. So nice to find you again.