Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Birthdays

I can hardly stand the excitement of two more birthdays.

First, Happy Birthday to this extraordinary guy - husband, father, friend, breadwinner, counselor, master of many languages (1.5) and gifted in many things - I'll have to ask him tomorrow what they are.

Have the happiest birthday ever. We love you very much.

Second, the girl who has the honor of sharing her birthday with Mike Windham and Bill Clinton -

Karen Barner, Emily's long-time friend, roommate in Atlanta, and now house-mate in Issaquah.
Not many people could wear the Seattle Space Needle as well as she does.

No one would cooperate with me and send me embarrassing baby pictures to use, so I'll just have to find another one.

After wedding with Emily and sister Suzanne.

Happy Birthday, Karen, we love you too.


  1. Happy Birthday to all this gorgeous people, from all your friends in Guatemala; God bless you all and give you, health, love and the wishes of your heart. Please send a couple of pieces of cake by Fed Ex. (Each one) hahaha, and keep the fire dept. phone close for an possible fire accident when "you know who" blows his birthday candles ok?
    When and where is the piñata?
    Love, from:Gaby, Carlos, Alejandro, Diego and Dina

  2. Happy, happy birthday to Mike and Karen!!

    Love the picture of Mike and his girls and the space needle picture so cute... what a great idea!

    Hope you both have a great time celebrating your special day!

  3. Oh my.

    I appreciate the thoughts from Molly, Gabriela, Carlos, Alejandro, Diego, and Dina. I appreciate all you people very much. It has been a very nice birthday today...I was recognized as having a birthday at work today (which always makes me uncomfortable). anyway, thanks so much

    When I saw the photo of Kay-ren, I thought it was an alien abduction happening.


  4. Apparently Ktron stold all of her digitized cutie pictures before she left. We will have to attach her computoer one day and get them back. thanks for mentioning her. Seems like they had a great day.

  5. We can't have that! Hogging all the pictures. It's a pain to scan though. I wish they would all magically appear on our computers. I'm enjoying her pictures on FB. Cute princess.