Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lake Escape

Mine and Debby's girls' night at the lake was a success, not that I had any doubt it would be. We always have fun, and beautiful surroundings make it even better.

We almost had a little storm to make us feel good, but it was a false alarm.

We had an enjoyable afternoon sitting in the gazebo swing talking and enjoying the quiet. We were wishing Mike and Tom were there to paddle us around in a boat and maybe fish. Plenty of time for that later.

Then we made dinner - mainly Debby who likes to cook - but I puttered around and pretended to help.

Jalapeno appetizers: Tasted better than they looked. Bad picture.

End-of-summer cookies.

End-of-summer cookies with cheesecake.
Pretty fish glasses.
Just some bowls I like:

YUM. Blackened red snapper (per Bobby's recipe) and huge shrimp.

To go with this, we had corn on the cob, mushroom rice, and French bread. Delicious

After we ate we went back down to the dock and whiled away another chunk of time, this time watching the boats go past and listening to the conversations as they went by. It's fun to be invisible. More talk. More relaxing.

The next morning, we carried our coffee to the gazebo and enjoyed just a little bit of breeze and tried to coax a shy turtle to get closer. Debby promises me that it was a turtle head looking at us and not some other creature.

Gus contemplates a swim maybe? If only he had a swimmer's legs.

After I left Saturday, there was a bit of excitement when a truck hit the nearby bridge and brought police and rescue squad vehicles to park in the driveway. I'm glad I missed that. We don't think there were any serious injuries, but the crash made a lot of noise and caused quite a scene.

I'm looking forward to doing this again when the weather gets cooler and we can wrap up in blankets while we drink our coffee. Maybe taco soup and cornbread then.

Thanks again, Debby, for a great weekend.



  1. So beautiful and looks very relaxing! Did y'all make the cookies? I love them! And the cheesecake looks so yummy, too!

  2. Yes, Debby made them.

    Just kidding. She's a good cook but didn't make those. I believe they came from Williams-Sonoma and the cheesecake maybe from Fresh Market. They were both good.