Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beautiful Children and Facebook

There are periods of time when there's nothing around me but big scrappy messes of fabric or sleeping animals to photograph and when nothing more exciting happens to me than getting a discount on my phone bill.

On those days, I have to leave the country (on my computer) to find some pretty pictures and beautiful children.

Dina sent the latest pictures of Diego. I can't believe how tall these boys are getting. Just looking at these take away some of the muggy heat of August.

This is Steven.
I knew his mother Suzanne from time she was younger than this. She and Elise were friends in Thomaston, and their lives have veered off in different directions, but Suzanne and I got back in touch through Facebook. Suzanne and her husband live in England now, so it's nothing for them to just hop over to France or Italy for a holiday. I believe this picture is taken from the Eiffel Tower. It kind of makes me dizzy to look at it for long. Suzanne can correct me if it's not.
Mother and son.

I now have invitations to visit Guatemala and England and Washington. Wouldn't it be nice if I could do that?

Speaking of Facebook, it's been great for what I use it for. Like I read somewhere yesterday, I don't feel like putting up a daily status change - "Becky is stumbling out of bed to start work" - because I don't feel like anyone cares that much, but I really like it when other people do it. Sometimes I'll even comment on their comment. Being isolated and working at home, it gives me a chance to reach out and at least say hello to people and for other people to acknowledge that I'm alive.

A group of people who worked at my old company Transquick about 15 years ago are getting into contact with each other - well I guess they already were; I'm just finding them - and it brings back so many memories to hear what other people remember. The company merged at least 3 times before it settled into MedQuist, and most everyone I knew ventured out into other companies and lost touch. Now it's interesting to see where everyone is and how their children have grown and how we pretty much all hate what's happened to medical transcription over those 15 years.

I'm not going to get into games and polls and sending Easter eggs, even though it's fine for those who want to, but I'm kind of enjoying it. It's not just for young people anymore. I think they're a little embarrassed that their parents are on FB and will probably wander off to form another internet society soon.

Church and work today. Maybe rain this afternoon. Many birthdays this week. Stay tuned.


  1. Steven looks like a sulky teenager in that photo on the Eiffel Tower! He's 10 now. Guess we don't have long to go now though.

  2. Not at all - more of a wise and sensitive world-traveler look. How's that? I'm glad you're getting to have all these adventures together.