Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back in Business

Camera-wise that is. Not only do I have a new battery charger but two extra batteries, a car charger, and a neat little camera cleaning kit. Oh, and a European converter for all those times I've needed one of those and haven't had one.

Now that I'm able to take pictures again, I kind of don't have anything interesting to take. So, I'll see if I can steal someone else's pictures.

This is a sweet picture Gaby sent me of Alejandro from Guatemala. So handsome.
A couple of Texas alley cats that Elise has fed and sheltered from the rain (the 18 minutes it rained last month) - and enjoyed, it looks like. I can't resist little orange kitties. I hope he's not still there when I visit next month.

Not much growing in the yard right now. The zinnias I grew from seed last spring are still hanging on, if a little buggy and speckled.

The burglar-trampled trumpet vine has come back nicely but still won't bloom.

And once the yard guys decided to stop mowing this little tree down, it's really growing - or maybe because of it. Alan thinks Eastern redbud, and I'll trust him. I kind of liked calling it a ginkgo tree even if it looks nothing like a ginkgo leaf.
By the end of the day today, I hope to make some sense of this. Nothing like writing it to get me on track. I'm really not sure what it's supposed to be. It's an old kit I've had around forever and just want to finish something.

Once again, Mama and I are suckers for cute organizers, especially $.62 ones in the Wal-Mart school supplies.
I just talked to Emily, and they left Sioux Falls this morning and will spend the night in either Billings, MT, or Bozeman. She has a huge supply of audio books that are keeping her happy and off the phone, as she says. Washington has a law against talking or texting while driving. Can't argue with that. I told her that my phone bill for last month showed a $9.40 charge for text messaging. Unreal. I have to pay for something I hate doing. She does it to save money, and I painstakingly try to answer them. Everyone is relieved that I found out where the delete was. I imagine Emily getting one of my messages and calling everyone over to laugh about it. There would be a kind of normal message - lots of misspelling - and then all my characters at the end I didn't know how to delete. And now I find out I have to pay if people text me even if I don't open them. Leave me alone, people!

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