Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last Beach Day

Saturday morning we were up fairly early and out on the balcony to watch the happenings below. Over cups of excellent coffee, we talked until we realized it was almost time for checkout. It's never as much fun to pack up and leave as it is to unpack, but we did it and said our good-byes, Debby and I to head back home and Emily to stay on the beach and study as long as she wanted to.

We stopped at a very nice fresh seafood place, and Debby got some things to take home. Pretty.

Rainy and windy. Good going-home weather.

But first we stopped by the Northwest Florida Ballet in Ft. Walton Beach where our cousin Bobby works. Bobby was on his way, so we decided to peek inside and see if Mr. Pants, the caretaker, was around. We saw him in action, ridding the school of another beastie.
When we tapped on the window, he leisurely strolled over to looked at us and then, just to let us know how unimportant we were, he did a little grooming.

Bobby and Mr. Pants.

We had a nice tour of the downstairs, the classrooms, workrooms, costume and sewing rooms. It was fun seeing all the costumes hanging there.

Cinderella's coach has seen more glamourous days - and will again - but right now it has a better use.

Pretty courtyard out back.

We finally were accepted and were allowed to pet.

After we left there, we went across the street to a very interesting restaurant that I can't remember the name of. It was a buffet with loads of different and interesting foods, and we did enjoy it, sometimes wondering what we were eating. Full of unknown foods, we hopped in the car and headed home in a rainstorm, stopping only to buy gas and get Mama some boiled peanuts.

I'm glad we made the weekend happen. We needed to get away and relax and laugh. It may be months before we see Emily again after they move, so we treasured every minute of it.

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