Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Island Princess (edited for Uncle Fuddy-Duddy Picture)

When I was caught up in the chaos of getting things ready for the wedding, Debby said she would make a beach weekend happen. After juggling a few dates and prior commitments, we have a lovely place to spend a couple of days - the Island Princess. It's not their usual vacation place, but it looks wonderful. Can't wait to get away and read some and talk some and listen to the waves and walk on the beach in the early morning. Not to mention eating some good food.

Speaking of food, we had some not-so-good food yesterday. Debby and I went to Andalusia to meet up with our cousin Teresa and her husband Dale from Wyoming and ate at Greene's Barbecue. The one person who got the barbecue said it was good, but the rest of us got the buffet - Debby for the strange reason of wanting the rutabagas - and me because the beans and cornbread looked good. I don't think I've ever had a bad piece of cornbread, but that was awful. Everything was bland and tasted alike. The company was good though, and we had a great time catching up, or as much catching up as you can do after an absence of 40 years. I think we're going to need a few more visits to do that. Too bad they're heading back today.

Before we went back, we went by and visited Mike's dad for a short time. Debby got to see the Uncle and Mrs Fuddy-Duddy rabbits that went to the wedding, and he gave her Uncle FD books. Teresa thought they were real people, so here is a picture of them by the cake.
We then drove around Andalusia to places we used to live and play and found almost nothing familiar. The vacant lot where we played (?)ball now has a house on it. The lot where our grandmother's house was now has a business on it. That didn't stop us from walking around back and trying to find something familiar. No fig tree. No beautiful flowers out front or garden in the back. No mossy wall in the side yard. In fact, nothing is left but memories.

Debby likes storms as much as I do, and we got a lot of them yesterday. I think my favorite part is right before it storms and the sky is dark and low and thunder is rumbling. Once the rain comes, it's not as exciting, but I'll take that too. We got a good soaking rain while I was gone here too.


  1. daddy is an island princess.

    btw i'm coming!

  2. I heard all about that - coconut items, etc.

    We'll have fun!