Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're Off

Help. I'm not ready to go. I know the car is loaded and lists are checked off, but I don't feel ready for this to be happening.

Emily came by on the way from Mobile to ATL, and I quickly ran some of the things by her that I had done. She liked most of them, and only one thing got rejected. Like this one:

Actually, I made it easy for her since I had rejected it already, but I kind of liked it except for the hole in the middle of the flower and the fact that all the other flowers are red, orange, and yellow. They're supposed to be little cards identifying these pictures. There will be three more from Ryan's parents and grandparents.

These are the pictures that people look at and say, "Is that YOU?" I can say that no one scrimped on the candles at our wedding. The orange flower underneath the card is the one that's going to be substituted for the purple one.

I have to include this picture, although it's not a good one. The words that had just left her mouth were, "I feel so fat. Do you think I'm fat."

If you can see hip bones, you're not fat.

Jack the grandcat has graciously agreed to keep Stella and Maddy company while I'm gone.
It's been kind of fun planning, and now the work will begin. I'm not sure what to expect, and I think the younger generation will be doing most of the work. I'll sit there on the patio with a glass of tea and offer suggestions. Probably not for long. Hopefully, I can take some pictures and write an update using Em's computer. They know how to do fancy things with chips and USBs and stuff to get pictures out of my camera and onto the blog. I told my friend Jimmie today that it's just like being there but without all the stress and sweating.

This will be one of the rare happy occasions when we have all our families and most of our friends together at the same time. I'm getting excited about it, and the weather even seems to be cooperating.

I'll be off early in the morning. Say a prayer for me in my favorite driving city. Luckily the hotel is just a couple of miles from the house; how much trouble can I get into in that amount of time?


  1. Prayers for the trip today! It will be a fun week for you. Sorry I haven't emailed you back. I will be in town thru tomorrow, then we are headed to the beach and Dothan until the 2nd week in June. Call me if you want to meet sometime!

  2. I wish you and your family all the best this up coming week. Know the wedding will be wonderful and the getting together with all the family at such a wonderful time. Prayers and blessing to all of you. Barbara

  3. I know the wedding will be beautiful and perfect. We sure wish we could be there to celebrate and see everyone, but we are now in Great Falls, MT. Of course, we wish that Emily and Ryan we have a very happy day (and life) and that you can enjoy yourself without worrying about any more details. YEA!!!...
    Happy wedding.