Thursday, May 14, 2009


I was so close. SO close. I decided I would sew all the panels of the quilt together tonight and get that far, so tomorrow I would have only to attach them to each other and sew on the border. I got a little bit too much in a hurry at the last.
The top 2 panels and the bottom right panel are fine - nice little design - but look what happens when one row gets sewn upside down (the second row up in the bottom left panel - chaos!! After I posted this and was reading over it, I saw another wayward square on the bottom right panel. Heck. It's never fun to take out stitches - 2 whole rows in this case, (plus 1 square) but that's a necessary evil in sewing. Now that I know the problem, it shouldn't take long to fix. It's not perfect, but I'm pretty pleased with it - IF it all matches up tomorrow! If I weren't a procrastinator and it weren't 12:30 a.m., I would fix it now. I'd probably end up making a bigger mess so better to wait until I'm rested.

I'm still waiting for good graduation pictures to come my way - zoom lens pictures.

Emily came up today to get her teeth cleaned, and we planned to get some shopping and planning done but ended up in Fresh Market buying cherries, strawberries, and sushi (for her). I got a turkey and cheese wrap, but after filching some of her calamari and tasting the salmon roll-up thing, I decided that was pretty good. She left half of it in my refrigerator, so I'll try a little more tomorrow - very carefully.

Looks like Emily and Ryan will be going to Atlanta for a few days this weekend, so I'll go up Saturday and try to finalize the table and chair rentals and the flowers. Finalize - that's a good word. It means it's in someone else's hands and not in mine. Time is rushing by altogether too quickly.

I have a new blog on my list to the right. It's the fun adventures of Sherry and David and the kitty brothers with a lot of quilting mixed in plus whatever David can find to get into. Spices?

I'm sitting here dozing, trying to think of anything that's happened in the past couple of days worth recording but obviously only unpacking and resting and working and trying not to panic over wedding-in-less-than-2-weeks-and-not ready feelings.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry you have to take out stitches! I have already learned with embroidery that I don't like that! The other day, I got in too big of a hurry and ended up slicing a hole in the apron I was working on. Err!
    We are in Dothan until Friday. Hope you have a good remainder of the week, and call if you need anything this weekend while you are in ATL.

  2. Hi, You did a great job on the quilt. Its such a drag to have to take out stitches but thats the way of a quilter and sewer's life. Have a great
    time in Atlanta. Drive safe Barbara

  3. Thanks - we all relate to ripping out, don't we.