Friday, May 22, 2009

Little Quilt All Grown Up

After all this time of having a deadline and working like crazy on it, I took the quilt to Lucy to be quilted. She's SO nice. I enjoyed meeting her and talking to her about - what else - quilting and smocking and moving around! She did a wonderful job, but somehow it doesn't seem the same. I pretty much lived and breathed those little squares for 2 months, and it's hard to accept that someone else made it prettier. Jealousy! Here are some pictures. If you double click, you can see close-ups of the designs she used. There is a little pocket on the back for hanging it on a rod. I now need to make a label and wrap it up. Can't believe it's done. When I was cleaning up the sewing room, I was constantly sweeping up little scraps of the various fabrics. I even found one in the flower bed - probably that day I trimmed threads in the wind.


  1. Oh WOW! What a wonderful work of art. Congratulations on the finished project!!!

  2. Great Job. I add my Congratulations too on your finished project. Its so pretty that it makes me want to try one some day. Take Care Barbara

  3. Thanks, ya'll. It's a relief. Barbara, I bought enough fabric to make 2 more, so.... I think next time, I'll just do a panel and frame it and not have such a big quilt, although I do like the way the lights and darks work to make a pattern. Probably one of those things I plan to do but never do