Saturday, May 2, 2009

It was a Nice Saturday

I was out early again this morning, and it was just the kind of weather I like, cloudy and windy, but just a gentle wind and rolling gray clouds but not much chance of rain. I dreaded going to the grocery story on Saturday morning, but it was not crowded at all and was a pretty quick trip. I'm not sure why buying groceries is such a chore, but no one likes it. Is it making decisions? Spending money? I think it's taking the bags in and putting things up when you get home. As I was getting the first load out of the back of the car, I happened to look down and see a curved object - dead and stiff - but still VERY suspicious. Something the yard men must have uncovered - right there at the flower bed. I was talking to Emily as I went back and forth from the car to the house, and although she was studying and couldn't talk, she tried to reassure me that it was probably just a worm. I was doubtful, but when I finished, I went out and tried to turn it over with a stick. Then I felt really silly. The thing was stiff! So I nudged it a little with my finger and turned it over and saw those segmented parts that worms have, so my good mood was salvaged. Pretty big worm though.

I found this early this morning when I went out the back door. I was hoping they would wait and bloom for the wedding. There are going to be hundreds, and the back door area will smell so good.
And the strawberry that so far the birds have left alone. Looks like there will be several.
Debby had planned to come up to spend the afternoon, so while I waited for her, I looked at the crafty things I had gathered to kind of think about making things for the wedding week, but I just mainly looked at them and admired them and moved them around. Until Emily finishes school on Tuesday (what sweet words), I can't get any go-ahead on anything, but mainly I'm just a procrastinator and won't get started. If any crafty people read this and want to come help, I'll make some lemonade...

Debby finally got here, bringing these for Mama's birthday tomorrow along with a pretty little plant that I'll take a picture of tomorrow.

We had a great time just enjoying the day and talking. We stopped at Hobby Lobby and just wandered around, looking but not buying. Debby expressed an interest in getting started with scrapbooking to get some of her family pictures organized. I knew where the scrapbooking section was because I've noticed it, but I always start hyperventilating when I get near and have to hurry past. I remember when SB supplies were just in one section on one aisle. Now there is a whole aisle just for paper, one for stickers and lettering, and 2 or 3 more for things I can't imagine uses for. She picked up one page and carried it around a few minutes and got confused and put it back. I don't think I was the person to introduce her to that hobby!

We left there and drove to the cemetery to put new flowers on Aunt's Betty's grave and then went to Red Lobster for some grilled fish and asparagus and more talk. I'd love to know how many times we said, "Remember when?" Debby lived with us twice in her life and remembered the floor plan of the house and some things I had forgotten. It's fun to jog each other's memory and have things come back you thought you'd forgotten. Lots of laughs and a few sad moments.

It was a good day, and I enjoyed it very much. Now I have 48 hours to work over the next 5 days so I can be off to go to Mobile for graduation. Wedding talk may start on Tuesday night, and panic many set in immediately afterwards.


  1. Beautiful little flower! What is it called?

    I'm glad you had a nice day with Debby. Those petit fours look delicious! Hope your mom has a wonderful birthday.

    If I were closer, I would take you up on the crafting and lemonade in a heartbeat!!!

  2. Thanks, Lydia. It's just a simple gardenia - the close-up is deceptive.

    I'll come get you!