Sunday, May 17, 2009

Count Down - 13 days

It's beginning to look a little like a wedding. It's about time, I think.
Emily wanted a veil just for some pictures, so I made one in about 10 minutes and attached it to a comb. Not so pretty on a lamp but adequate for the few minutes it will be worn. It needs trimming and shaping too.
I didn't go to Atlanta yesterday, but I appreciate the prayers of everyone who thought I did. That's happening tomorrow. Saturday was spent shopping for Ryan a suit and tie, and your future mother-in-law is not someone you want tossing in her suggestions and looking pained at the mention of prices. They did fine without me and found exactly what they were looking for. Good price too, I hear.

The meeting at the house was very productive too. I think we have a clearer idea of where things will be set up and when things will be done. I had just the smallest moment of panic when Emily called just now and started talking excitedly. I heard only, "Everything's changed." Okay. Good. Changing everything less than 2 weeks away was not what I wanted to hear. But it's all good - better even. She's happy about the new set-up, and now we have to measure for tables and make decisions about rentals tomorrow. That's our biggest thing to get done. Well, my biggest thing will be getting to the house, but I think I have good directions.

Then to the florist and confirming the cake design and looking for shoes and lavender and talking about the shower and when everyone will arrive and when to get hair done.

I'm determined not to drive home after dark tomorrow.

I got these little guest bags made for Ryan's nieces and nephews. Oh, another thing is to look for T-shirts for them. Here's another bigger one I did, but I think it needs more work - another flower or something. No problem. I love punching out those little shapes. It's so satisfying. They pop out perfect every time. The colors are not true here. The flowers are orange and red-orange.

Enough fun. Time for seriousness. This is how the next two weeks will go.

This week is just working and running around doing errands until the weekend when Emily gets here. I'm not sure when she's going to ATL, but I go Monday. I'm loving having 10 days off!

Monday and Tuesday, we'll do whatever needs to be done - probably a lot!

Wednesday is the day Ryan's family arrives and also Mike and Elise. Unfortunately, I won't be there. Good excuse not to have to pick up anyone at the airport! I have to come down and take Mama to the beauty shop and get a haircut myself and take Darby to be boarded and contact my cousins about feeding the cats. That should be a fun day. Then my brother will come get Mama whenever they decide; they'll take her to Birmingham and get her to the wedding from there.

Thursday - I'm not sure about the morning, but the shower is that afternoon, tentatively on the Barner's beautiful deck. Hmmm. Visions of sitting there with my feet up and relaxing, enjoying the company and listening to the birds sing.

Friday, it gets serious. That's probably when all the hair and make-up and manicure/pedicures will happen. Sometime that afternoon, Kathy will arrive, and I hope to get us all together, maybe by the pool with something cold to drink to do some serious planning. We'll go to the house and make the final decisions about where to put tables and stuff and maybe do some decorating. I'm completely staying out of anything to do with lights and lanterns.

Friday night, we go out to eat with Ryan's family at Six Feet Under. I saw the menu! No one's going to have to drag me there.

During the night, we'll pray for a beautiful day the next day - with sunshine - but not too much.

Saturday morning will probably start off fine, and then panic will set in about 1:00. I don't even want to think about what will go on that day. But at some point - we'll have a wedding and then a big party afterwards and be very happy.

The best man spent the weekend with me.


  1. Oh, I'm excited for ya'll!! Lots of planning and doing, but I'll say a prayer that things continue to go smoothly.

    The bags look great! What kind of t-shirts are you needing for the kids?

  2. Hi, I agree with Lydia. Take Care and drive safe and enjoy. Barbara