Thursday, May 14, 2009


And the border is on.

I can't believe it's done. Ready to take to the quilter. I'm so afraid to look closely, afraid I'll see a mistake. The border went on nicely in spite of my having lost the directions. I've had this kit for about a year now and have been working on it since February, and the directions have all been right there. Now the part that tells me what and how to sew the borders and binding is missing. Luckily I cut everything out the first day, so it was just a matter of matching again. I left off one border that I didn't like. I may get the quilter to put the binding on, according to how much time I have left (and whether or not she's still speaking to me when she gets that far).

I may be losing it, because I'm already starting to look for the same fabrics to do it again, this time with no pressure. I really do like it in spite of my muttering and fussing about it. We'll see how this fits in with all the other 500 projects I have lined up.


  1. Absolutely breathtaking! Wonderful job!!!!!

  2. Thanks. I like something that LOOKS hard but isn't - just aggravating!! But I think I won't agonize over every stitch next time.

  3. I love this quilt. Now I want to make one. We went to the MQS quilt show yesterday and there was a latte quilt in the show. It ewminded me of yours. Sorry you have to frog it (rip-it, rip-it) out. That is so aggravating, especially when you think you are almost done. UGH!!
    It is still beautiful.

  4. I wonder what other colors would be good. I'm not good at figuring those things out. I think the neutral-ness attracted me to start with. If you go back to the show, take a picture of the latte one. It's funny that I've given up coffee since starting this - not related though.