Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wedding Dress and Clown Suit

I've seen some wedding gowns that fit both descriptions, but these are 2 very separate outfits.

When our parents got married in 1945, neither of them took wedding pictures on the actual wedding day. Emily wants to use family wedding pictures at her reception, so we've managed to get pictures of both couples that year, just not on that day. Mama got married in a navy crepe (?) dress, and I was sure I had seen a picture of her in it, but she says she doesn't remember one. When I was looking through pictures to send Bobby of his parents, I found one of my Aunt Mildred and Uncle Radney with her wearing the dress. And holding guess who? This was in 1946, and their little boy wouldn't be born for another 3 years. I'm not even sure they were married at this time, probably not. Anyway, they were a nice looking couple with her red hair and his good looks, and she shows off the dress nicely. Not a bad-looking baby either.

Then exactly 50 years after this dress was worn as a wedding dress, my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary. During the planning at some point, Mama got out this dress, which I had seen off and on through the years. Emily took one look at it, and fell in love with it. When she tried it on, it was a perfect fit, so she wore it to the anniversary party. This is Emily in 1995 at age 18 with my niece Robin - who is getting married herself next year.
It was quite a conversation piece at the party, and it's in surprisingly good shape.

I just wish I knew how to edit photographs and make the color better.

I'm kind of too tired to scan all the clown pictures tonight, but I'll do them tomorrow. We have an incentive at work plus overtime, so I'm working a little extra today. I heard a funny thing from a doctor today - it wasn't that funny at the time, just exasperating - but now I find it amusing. I pretty much enjoy ESL doctors as long as they don't speak too fast, and the one I was typing today, a Hispanic doctor, was taking great pains to be clear. He tried almost too hard. On a wart removal (these are clinic notes), I heard "reduced the wart with a ficey lemon scalpel." Hmm. I've learned never to doubt the names medical terms and equipment are given, so I did a Google search for just that ficey lemon scalpel. I won't mention the connections I found between lemons and scalpels but nothing that would work. I tried fisylemon, plain old lemon scalpel, wart-reduced-with, wart scalpel. No search turned up anything, so I decided to blank it. We're allowed 1 blank for this facility. But I hate, hate, hate to send blanks, so I listened one more time, and that did it. I thought I heard 5 cc, but that didn't make sense, but it started me thinking about numbers, and all of a sudden it was there, "size 11 scalpel." See if doesn't sound like ficey lemon. That was the highlight of my most exciting Saturday, so it must have been pretty dull.

I did stand in the yard and survey the damage the yard boys did Thursday and made plans to fire them. I complained about them to their boss last year for playing chase with a riding lawnmower in my yard, and they now hate me. I thought they would have forgotten, but no. They do a little something spiteful every time they come, like damaging a pot with the weed trimmer or not blowing the grass clippings off the door and (especially) dragging my heavy table and chairs to different spots on the lawn and leaving them there for me to drag back. This time, in addition to all of the above, they chopped down a little ginkgo tree that I had nurtured all through last spring and summer that was just beginning to have some leaves. There was no reason to chop it down except for meanness. It didn't look like a weed and it wasn't run over accidentally by the lawnmower. Someone had to walk over with the the weed trimmer and hack it down about a foot off the ground. I'm sure there are other people who would be glad of the job, so I'll do some calling Monday.

With all that griping, I would have had plenty of time to scan pictures, but it's more fun to fuss and fume. Brings back memories of the troll who did our yard in Greensboro.

Clowns tomorrow.


  1. Love the dress. So nice your daughter could wear it, usually they don't survive that long! And I looked at my favorite coffee pots, they are "Wear Ever" and I pictured them on my blog.

  2. It is pretty amazing that it's in as good a shape as it is and that it still seems to be in style.

    Hope it's getting to be springtime for you. I'll go check out the coffee pots later.

  3. OH my goodness! I LOVE that dress. So neat that Emily could wear it to the occasion. She looks beautiful in it.
    That is just plain mean of your yard boys. They need a whipping and a firing. (Sorry, I am still from the spanking generation!)
    Too funny about the Hispanic dr.!!
    Can't wait for the clowns.

  4. I think I need you here to handle those boys, Lydia. I can see you chasing them around the yard with those tree branches that they left lying on the ground.