Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have to stop talking and get things done, so no more posting unless someone wants to email me their thoughts and/or pictures.

I have 46 squares of the quilt done - 18 to go. My goal is to have them done by April 30 and sew them together before we go to Mobile for graduation. If the quilter can't get it quilted by May 25th, I'll just have to give it unquilted.

My bad work computer had to be reformatted today, and while it's nice to have a clean computer without 824 old emails, I now have lots of work to do, putting all my contacts and email addresses back in, not to mention the 15 years' worth of short cuts that they failed to put back on. I'm still begging them to keep looking for my file.

It took half a day, but after lots of emailing and telephone calling, I got us some excellent hotel rates for the wedding group.

It was nice to talk with Millie, Ryan's mother, today. It took us about 2 minutes to decide we were in agreement about what to wear. I can't wait until they get here. I spent some time with his parents last fall when they were in Mobile, but it's been several years since I saw the brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews.

I forgot to mention Debby's birthday on April 18th. She is .... much younger than I - still. I taught her how to walk, and she taught me a bunch of other stuff later. We've laughed a lot in our lives, and we haven't finished yet!

Not too silent, I guess. Maybe I'll have some "guest writers" for the rest of the month while I quilt.

I wish I had a yard full of these ready for the wedding, but this was a Columbus zinnia, and it's too early for them now


  1. Hi Becky: It is nice to see your blog; there is always interesting to see or to know; no silence please!

    Yesterday night; we went with Lori to a nice dinner. She came for a couple of days to work, so, before to say good bye, we decide: It is time to know eachother. That was a funny story, because I go to pick her up to the hotel, and like we never meet before, even on photo (Mike: you should show me a photo before); I walk in front of her, we say "good evening" to the other, and keep walking away, not knowing about who the other person was.
    We spend a wonderful time togheter, so I´m sending you right now the pics of this meeting.

  2. Hi, Be sure and take a photo of the finished quilt. Even if its not quilted know it will be beautiful. And please keep the blog going. Its always interesting and fun to read. Barbara

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, both of you. I have thoughts, just not time to organize them. Send me pictures of your latest projects, Barbara. I know you've done something interesting.

    We have a package from Guatemala that I can't wait to see. Mike has it in TX, and I'm glad he opened it and found the surprise and not me!