Monday, April 27, 2009

No Questions

I found this

and I don't want to talk about it.

Usually the way it works is that I finally give in (after calling every place I went last Saturday and bugging anyone and everyone who will listen to me) and tell Mike I'm sorry that I just cannot find it and to get me another one - and THEN find it. But just minutes before I was going to write that pitiful email and confess to never being able to keep up with anything and I'll do better next time, I found it. I will not answer questions about where. But let's just say I had finally had enough with receipts and coupons and various items floating around in my purse and decided to do something about it. But I DID NOT find it in my purse. That would be too easy. That would be the first place I would have looked every 500 times I've searched for it.

I have lots of pictures of the wedding site - well the reception site - but I have to go get a haircut and go to the dentist before I can enjoy life again. These are the 2 pictures I took to celebrate the return of my little camera.

I'm a little irritated that I passed by these purple blooms several times a day and marveled at how pretty they were without being able to record it, and now they're past their prime and a little faded. The gardenias next to them are loaded with blooms. I'm not sure when they start.

These are the cute little dahlias I found Saturday at Wal-Mart. I got out for my errands so early (7:30) that this was the only place open. The garden center man was whistling, "Amazing Grace" while I was out there. Pretty. I wasn't tempted by anything but these sweet things and some Miracle Grow good black dirt.


  1. Sherry's blog has the best photographs.

  2. Hi, Mama! Did you save any of those big, beautiful New Guinea Impatiens that we found when living in North Carolina? I haven't seen any posted on your blog yet, so maybe they didn't make it. Jarrod and I have plans to go to his favorite plant shop sometime soon, and I'll be keeping my eyes open to find some Impatiens, even if they aren't the New Guinea style. I doubt we'll ever find any like those from NC. They had the best variety of colors, and if you'll remember, they were very, very big for that kind of flower, I think. Have a good day today! Love, Elise

  3. No, but I remember them. They may be annuals. I'm not sure. We sure did find some pretty things in Greensboro, didn't we? I miss that nursery. I know you planted a pot of some little yellow plants on the deck, and we had tomatoes and petunias and that morning glory on the front porch that grew a foot a day. I moved the irises and amaryllis and daises from NC but that's about it.