Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cruelty to Plants, Animals, and Children

The plant and animal cruelty happened this morning and the children over several Halloweens in the 70s and 80s.

I think even I have had enough rain and would like to see a little sunshine, but according to the weather reports, there may be one more storm, although I don't see a thing on the satellite map. I woke up this morning early to rumbling thunder and went back to sleep. Finally as it got a little louder and the lightning was flashing, I remembered two things: One, that I had left Darby outside last night because she asked to go out, and I just forgot her. She has a doghouse near the back door that gives her shelter but doesn't protect her from the noise of the thunder, so I knew just where she would be. There is a French door from the sunroom to the back yard, and I could see her little black silhouette as close to the glass as she could get. Was she ever happy to get inside. The cats didn't give going outside a second though last night, so they were snug in their cat sleeping places.

I didn't hear Mama up keeping watch with her clothes on, so I figured it must not be bad enough to stay awake, and I had almost dozed off when I remembered another thing. I had left my flat of seedlings outside - not just outside but in a place where the runoff from the roof would destroy them. Bad sinking feeling after all the trouble I had gone to on their behalf, taking them in at night and giving them a sunny spot during the day. But I had to try to save them, so I opened the side door, and a wall of water greeted me plus constant lightning and big peals of thunder. I could reach them in about 3 steps, and I debated a long time, but finally I just ran and got them. The water from the roof poured down the back of my neck - not a happy feeling - not to mention feeling like I was going to get struck by lightning. Here they are and not too much traumatized. They've already forgiven me and perked up during the day. I also planted 2 more flats of zinnias. I'll be sorry when it's time to plant them outside. I already tried one cosmos out back near the new daisies, and it seemed to weather the storm just fine.
The little cosmos is near the little piece of fence that I have to put there to keep dogs and cats from lying there until I get more plants. The rosemary and oregano would like to take over, but I want something a little more colorful there. These daisies I noticed at Wal-Mart Friday, and they look pretty healthy. I might have to go get more.

This is not a trench I dug to keep the rain away but the animal path. It's funny how they can wear a path that deep as soft as their paws are, but they hardly ever venture far from it. It goes from the back door to the storage shed which they like to get under and the side fence which the cats like to climb and sit on top of and which Darby would like to be able to. At the very top of the pictures is my chopped down ginkgo tree.

Okay, now for the cruelty to children and the clown outfit. This costume got made one day (or days) in October of 1973 when I was about 9-7/8 months pregnant. I take leave of my senses like that sometimes for no reason, but I think this was because Gray at 22 months had been invited to a neighborhood Halloween party. And wanting to make sure he was the cutest child there for the 10 minutes he would stay at the party must have been pretty important to me. I should have been more concerned with getting to the party myself. At that point, it seemed easier to walk the half a block than to try to fit myself into the bucket seat of the Vega. So the 3 of us walked up the street, and I think we ended up having a good time - briefly, I'm sure. Here's the cutest child at the party, looking not at all enthralled with it. I think it was the hat.
Here he's warming up to it and thinking he does look pretty cute. Now, never one to let a costume go unused - and also having just moved and having a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old and no time for anything remotely resembling sewing, Elise had a perfect outfit for her third birthday party. Coming the week before Halloween, we had everyone wear costumes and trick-or-treat on our street (neighbors warned ahead of time). I hate that these pictures are so bad, but this is the birthday girl helping herself to her 20th handful of candy corn.
And after the party, time for a nap and to retire the clown costume. But not quite. There was still one more to go, and this one looks like she agreed to wear the thing but under her terms - no hat and permission to use the ruffle as a make-up remover.

It's still in the attic for any unsuspecting grandchildren who might one day want to be a clown. Makes me want some candy corn.


  1. Well, at least Darby didn't have to put her tushie in a snowbank like Ruby! Only last week it was 70 degrees, and now we have snowbanks-again! And I checked my favorite coffee pots--they are "Wear Ever" brand. They are back a few posts on my blog. hehe--check out our snow! ugh!

  2. I did check out the snow pictures, and it's amazing. I had to change to long sleeves after seeing those pictures - along with the fact that it's 48 degrees this morning and windy.

    The quilts are amazing. You do such good work and actually finish things. I'm so envious.

  3. Wow!! What an amazing photos!! I love the clown costume, and feel sorry about your garden, that kids need a spank!! (Just a thought).

    Also I saw the Lori's blog (could I?) Wow!! I never seen before a pictures like that. Here in Guatemala never snows, I got my doubts about if we could survive in that weater. Right now we are on summer, I love the summer, so sunny and hot that burns the skin; so we are drinking so much water because of the heat 27-29ºC, and using sunblock lotion.
    Today starts the Holy Easter to us, I promisse to send you a picture of this.

  4. Gaby. I'm sure Lori would be glad for you to visit her blog.

    If it snowed like that in Guatemala, you would soon be leaving, right? It seems like spring will never come where we can enjoy sitting outside and soaking up the sun. It's cold and windy today and could freeze tonight. Poor little plants. I'm glad I only planted a few.