Sunday, April 12, 2009

Beautiful Easter Morning

Although a little bit chilly. My cell phone rang at 6:45 this morning from the kitchen. I barely heard it, and by the time I got there, there was only 1 Missed Call showing with "no number." I figured anyone who knew me would call the home phone. But it got me up earlier than usual to enjoy a little of the morning.

The wind at the end of the week was wonderful. I tried to sit outside one day, but I was afraid of being hit by a flying object. I noticed that the grill cover had blown off and was on the other side of the yard against the fence. I would have liked to have seen the animals' reactions to that! Darby probably thought she had a real interloper instead of the pretend ones she's always barking at. These were taken on Friday I think when everyone was enjoying the breeze. The grass clipping line on the fence is how high the water was at one time. Such a swamp in that area.
Sheepy is never far from her side. I put it in a tree yesterday to tease her, and she went crazy. I think if I had gone into the house, she would have climbed the tree to rescue it. At night when I let her in, she won't come in until she's gone and searched for it and brought it in. It amazes me the attachment animals get for things. And surprisingly she has not tried to chew the ears off this one or eviscerate it like some of the others - kind of like this one-eyed, three-legged frog that Stella is lying beside. She wouldn't look at me, so I stood over her and made her give me one of her withering looks.Even Miss No-Nonsense Maddy got into the spirit of things and chased a tennis ball, although she would never admit it. Yesterday's breeze was perfect for clipping threads off the back of the quilt. They would blow away as soon as I clipped, but the only problem was that the quilt squares tended to want to blow away too.

I worked hard this weekend and have made some progress on the little quilt. I wanted to wait until I completed all 64 squares before I started sewing them together, but I just couldn't wait to see how it looked (AND, more importantly, if it would work). I'm glad I did. One was a teeny bit off - maybe an eighth of an inch - but I don't think it will matter, or I may go back and correct it. The picture below shows how placing them in a particular order will make a pattern.I think I'm going to be glad I tackled this. One thing that has helped is moving my iron to right beside the machine, so that every time I sew one of those 17 strips on each square, I don't have to get up and go across the room and press it out. That was discouraging and kind of made me dread working on it.

It's about time to get ready for church. One day I'd like to go to a sunrise service, but I haven't gone to one here yet. There will be Easter music this morning, and if it's like last year, it will be wonderful. We have a small church and small choir, but there are some good voices there, and a few have shown they can play instruments also, and that's not even including our pianist. I look forward to hearing her little mini-concert after the offering every Sunday.

Oh, speaking of windy days, Mike says we haven't experienced winds until we've experienced West Texas 55 mph SUSTAINED winds and tumbleweeds as big as Volkswagens. I'm still waiting for a picture or for Elise to back it up. And she's waiting for me to post some cute baby pictures of her to make up for the clown ones that she didn't know were going to be there when she told her boyfriend to "check out Mom's blog." Be patient, Elise. I have bunches of pictures to prove you were cute.

Happy Easter to everyone.


  1. Gaby said...
    So, the best season to get sun and fun in Alabama is now? The weather is warm and you have a blue sky now or there is a cold windy breeze?

    It is amazing!! Yesterday I "tried" to saw a straples blouse on my granny's electrical sewing machine; and I have to conffes: It makes me get mad. My stouburness made me try and try but sadly I culdn't finish the blouse, so I think it is amazing how you can saw so many stripes to get a pattern from there.
    I'm so desperate and I like the small projects to enjoy them on the same day, (like mermelade or a scarf) I'm starting to think the quilting is not for me.
    Congratulations for that: You are a very patient person and I admire you.

    Happy Easter to you too!!

  2. Thanks, Gaby. You don't know how much muttering and ripping and throwing things on the floor have gone into those little squares. Keep trying though. I'm glad you're stubborn. me too. Maybe we will get better!

    It's nice here now but just a little chilly. In a week or 2, the weather will be warmer and no little cold surprises.

  3. Glad you had a nice Easter. We spent it in Dothan and it was absolutely beautiful weather!

    Your quilt is AMAZING!!!! You should be so proud of yourself. I can't wait to see the finished product.