Sunday, March 29, 2009

Windy Morning Pictures

Stella was on the tip-top of the storage house roof when we went out to go to church this morning, but by the time I got the camera, she was headed down. She likes to sit there and stare down in the neighbor's yard. I bet they love that.
I looked out the kitchen window and saw this bird sitting in the little crepe myrtle with his wings ruffled from the wind. I took several pictures, but he doesn't look windblown in any of them. He kept an eye on me, and I think he knew he was being photographed, because I got all sides. Maybe it was a lady bird looking for her best profile. The last one, he's just taking flight, and you can see the little feet.
Below is the wisteria from up the street that I enjoy so much every spring. I keep planning to get a closer picture but always forget.

I've run out of time now, and my supervisor is harassing me - Hi Donna - to get to work. Just kidding. I do so enjoy my interaction with my co-workers and hope to get a chance to meet some of them in person this summer. I also have to watch my typos now that I've given Donna a hard time about her Yiddish IM just now.

I've found a lot of old very interesting pictures lately that I'm going to post soon, some just interesting but some downright weird. That should keep my family members glued to this blog!

Elise just sent me some cute ones of Miss Kitty in TX but I now have to WORK!

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