Thursday, March 5, 2009

Uninspired Week

I kept waiting to find something interesting to write about this week, but it didn't happen. Since my goal is to record my days whether they are interesting or not, I'll have to search pretty hard.

I did spend the first part of the week getting acclimated to our new time clock at OSI. It put me into a panic at first, the idea that I have to clock in at 8:00 and clock out at 12:00. but it has pretty much helped to keep me on task. Before, I could go do a load of laundry or make a phone call or read emails, knowing I could "make up" the time later in the week on my off days. By working hard during my 4 hours, I have almost doubled my line count which translates into more pennies which lead to more dollars which always makes me happy. I also will probably not be working 7 days a week, which I have been for the last few years.

We have an elusive smell in the house. I hate it when I can't put my finger on what it is or where it is. I don't have high hopes, because the last time I smelled that particular smell was when the frog got squished in the back door. It seems to be confined to the den now, and I've opened all the cabinet doors and moved all the furniture. I truly thought I had found it when I pulled back the couch and saw a black mouse. Aha. The cats brought it in. But then I saw a tiny tag on it and an improbably pink nose and knew it was one of their toys.

I also thought I had discovered the cause when I walked into the laundry room and saw that the freezer door was standing open. The last time I remember opening the freezer was Sunday when Emily and I were looking at something they got for Chrismas, some special treat from Mike, that they had left in the freezer and were looking forward to eating. I figured there was a mess from the freezer defrosting and that it had seeped under the baseboard since the laundry room shares a wall with the den, but when I pulled it out, it was clean behind and underneath. There was not much in there except things in containers and some vegetables that were never going to be used anyway. So now I'm back to worrying about what bad thing is hiding behind the rolltop desk. I've kind of tracked the smell there, but I have to build up some courage to pull it out and look behind. Any volunteers will be welcomed.

It's beauty shop day for Mama again today. Seems like this comes around very quickly. I think we're going into the fabric shop afterwards today since she's back to sewing - placemat purses this week. She has 1 or more for every outfit, all colors, some with stripes and some solid. On the other hand, I have 2 "outfits" a season - that is things that kind of match - and a summer purse and a winter purse. Oh, I do have a Vera Bradley bag that I received this weekend. More about that later. It's time for Cuts 'R Us or whatever the name of that place is.

Todays' picture: Inspiration from one of my flower beds in Columbus. I don't remember what the flower is right now, but it lookes like little lanterns or balloons. I'll look for the name later. Found it - balloon plant, or platycodon grandiflorus. I'd like to find some more of those.

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