Monday, March 23, 2009

Random Musings

I don't think of myself as a muser, but I have to have some title for this entry, and it makes it sound like I'm a deep thinker. Besides, I'm sure I've already used titles like "Meaningless Drivel" and "Boring Stuff" already.

My work computer once again healed itself until the next time it unexpectedly decides to do the freezing act. I was kind of wanting it to stay frozen so I could get some things done, but then I didn't want to use up my sick days either. So I worked on and off all day Saturday, went to church Sunday morning, and then worked Sunday afternoon. It wasn't completely boring though, since I spent a lot of time outside puttering around the yard, mainly just looking hopelessly at the flower beds, but sometimes pulling a weed or two.

I found this in the back side bed almost under a carpet of weeds.

This is left over from last summer, although I don't really remember planting any petunias this color in this particular flower bed. It's nice to see though. I also uncovered an amaryllis that's just coming through.

These are the bushes behind the bird bath, and the bird bath appears only at the very top and at the base in the pictures because cleaning it has not been one of my priorities. I'm not sure what these bushes are, but they are pretty for a little while in the spring.
This is how the seeds are progressing. It's so exciting to see them first pop out and then to get the first set of leaves. I think this a good result so far. Some of them haven't popped up yet. I take them outside to the sunshine during the day and bring them into the garage at night. Seems to work.

The white cosmos. They're the most vigorous.

The morning glory is always a show-off. This one is red and hopefully will help make the ugly fence prettier.

My supervisor just IM'd me and asked if I could work some extra tonight. I don't really want to, but what is a person who starts to work an hour late this morning without telling anyone going to say? It takes someone with a lot of self-confidence to admit this, but it took me 3 hours to realize I had started late.

My alarm didn't go off this morning, but a cat was walking on me, so I glanced at the clock and saw what I thought was 6:45, but it was really 7:45. Don't know what happened to my alarm. I went through my morning things - taking out the garbage and recyling, feeding the cats, feeding myself, reading emails, etc. - still never really looking at the clock. I clocked in at 9:00, thinking it was 8:00 and worked until 12:00. Then when I clocked out, I was outraged to find I had gotten credit for only 3 hours. Oh no, the famous webclock is broken. I'll have to complain. And then it slowly came to me what might have happened, and I checked the first report I did - finished at 9:10. It took courage to admit that. But I had to start an hour earlier this afternoon and now seemingly have to work an hour later.

I spent the whole afternoon looking at and for pictures, but I'll have to talk about that later. I'm wasting time when I should be working, and Mr. Webclock knows.


  1. Hello Becky:
    This is the same way I plant my tomato and pepper bell seeds, but the container is a brown egg cartboard, it works for me, when the sprout has 3 inches I cut them and trasplant every sprout right to the soil. Well you surely know this.
    By the way: Why don't try with some spinachs? You can put them on the kitchen window, they love the sunlight and a warm place to grow; maybe on an empty ice cream container.

    Gaby Galindo

  2. Thanks, Gaby. So spinach will grow in the kitchen window, and you don't have to put it outside? That might be fun. My problem is not having a nice garden spot like you do, just a few little flower beds. Maybe someone will come dig me one someday.