Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cancel My Trip to Guatemala

These people are no longer my friends. I know Mike told Gaby to send this e-mail to me. If this is a baby, I don't want to see its parents. I notice that Carlos is the only smart one in the group (hands in pockets, not on the creature). I think I'm going to like him.

We went to the zoo the last friday night and took this nice pic. The snake was a baby piton of 10 months, her body is so soft, cold and firm. Are inofensive, dont bite, she only eats baby chickens and mices, that fact make me sad, but almost every body eats cows and chikens, so it is the same thing. (don't want to look hipocrit)

At the photo, to left to right: Dina, Carlos, Herwin (daddy), and me. Below: Diego y Alejandro, hooo and I forgot: The Reticulated baby piton. Here the snakes are so common animals, more on the suburban houses, they are looking for a nice warm place to sleep, but nobody wants one on the bed hahaha. Do you like it? Waiting for coments

And Mike's answer to her:

Sra Gabriella bruja--you are correct, I believe. Humans eat animals...snakes have the right to eat food also. You are not a hypocrite at all. (Excellent English vocabulary, Gaby.)
I think Guatemala has many snakes, no? Is this correct? Is the reticulated python a Guarmalena? Si o no?
Maybe when Becky visits to Guatemala we can arrange for a visit to theMaya jungle to search for wild animals and reptiles?



  1. Sweet Becky:
    I can't denied: I was affraid!! That is why I grab her tail. Dina was the "Tomb Rider" that night, because the snake trainer put the snake at the Dina's arms and the snake climb right at her neck, that because the snake was so cold, and Dina was warm. Poor creature, everybody touching her and she wanting to go to bed.
    And Carlos touched the 3 snakes of the exibition, he loves the snakes, so you was wrong about that hehehe.

    This is a sample of the content of our zoo, in there lives like many diferent species of vipers, cobras and snakes taked of the rest of the world, like in every country's zoo, so don't be affraid. This wild animals live mostly at jungled places no at the city.
    This baby was quiet, so much people went to the zoo that night to see her and touching her, also she born at captivity, so is common to see people every day for her. The trainer was in there and explained to us abut her habitat and what she eats.

    Was a nice experience, because you can't touch a snake everyday(without a bite of course).

    Ho! I forgot: Mike saw this pic at the same time than you and Roy, so he never told me you don't like the snakes. Sorry if I scare you.

    So, can we keep our friendship intact?



  2. Well, Gaby. You talk so nicely about this "baby" that I almost (but not quite) think I could not be so afraid. I know in my heart that they are just animals and not dangerous (this one) but I have a really big problem with even thinking about snakes. Even typing the word makes me have chills. So maybe you can be the first to calm my fears. If those sweet little boys are not afraid, I shouldn't be, right? Right. The next picture you send me should be something pretty, ok? Like your garden. So, yes, we can still be friends.

    I notice that Mike told you to bring me a python when you come to visit. He didn't mean that - you know now, ok?

  3. HAHAHAHA!! And I was packing right now one of them to send it to you by UPS hahahaha, with a pretty red ribbon at the neck!! Sorry bad joke! I can't help it!, hehehe
    Teto was affraid to touching her but after the first one he was touching the 3 of them, the same thing with Diego, they was so excited having them so closely.
    I promisse to send you a nice picture on these days ok?
    Love Gaby