Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring Fever in February?

That must be my problem. I'm in a sunshine stupor this afternoon and can hardly keep my eyes open. There's no law against taking a nap in the middle of the day, according to Stella.

Darby and I walked this morning, but we missed the sunrise, not to mention the garbage pickup. I saw them on the next street and started to ask them to go back by my house. They like me because I give them cookies at Christmas, but they like me as in waving excitedly, not back-tracking 2 blocks. I need to get those guys some Easter cookies, I guess.

It's close to a perfect day today, cool and a little windy with blue, blue skies, one that you would like to freeze and pull out in August or January. Then it was Mama's beauty shop day and a trip to the post office to mail 2 packages that took 30 minutes because of 2 people being out today and the line being 15 people long when I got there. After the beauty shop (which is next door to Wal-Mart), we went in WM for a few things. It could have been worse. The parking lot was filled with cars (thank goodness for that handicapped parking sign we have), but I'm not sure where they were inside. Certainly not in the pharmacy and grocery sections. Maybe in the garden center where I would like to have been. This is the only thing green in my yard. It's been sprayed and is looking a little sick though.

So now I'm home and have the rest of the day for my own, and the big question is: Housework or quilting? I think I know the answer to that, but I'll probably decide after my nap. Maybe something worth writing about will happen between now and tomorrow.

Oh, my cousin Bobby, who is custodian/photographer/ carpenter for the Northwest Florida Ballet in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, sent me the web page for their mascot/mouser. Meet Mr. Pants, the Ballet Cat. I would like to encourage Bobby to update Mr. Pants' web site instead of taunting me with pictures of Florida beaches.

I think it's obvious I'm proud of myself for learning how to link things.

I was aiming for a post at least once a week on Sewing Memories, or Atrocities I have Created in My Life. The 70s is a really good decade for examples of this, and I'm going to look through some old pictures to see what I can find. Think lots of green and orange!

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