Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scenes from February's First Saturday

Today was the day to take the completed block back to Kudzu-Blossom and get the new one.
It was a much nicer drive today than the first Saturday in January. It's going to be really warm and pretty today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, that hint of spring in the air made me buy something - sorry, there's no resisting this when it's sitting on the table right in front of you.

I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but I'm sure I'll think of something. There were also jellyrolls and honeybuns for our viewing pleasure. I resisted those, but it was not easy.

I got a better picture of the center of the quilt I'm going to be working on this week, quilted now - all those little pinwheels!

Here are two more pictures of quilts that were hanging on the wall. There are so many beautiful things there to look at. (I think that first one may appeal to Elise, the jewel-tone girl.) The last one is the Cathedral Window pattern that I learned to do last fall. It's really fun to do, all by hand. This sample uses hand-dyed fabrics and is beautiful. I'll have to be really, really retired to take on something that time-consuming.

This is Paula folding some fabric. Wonder how many hundreds of times she's done this!

As I left (finally)I had to take a picture of these sweet little tatting/crocheting spools. I finished one of the little flannel baby blankets with blue crochet, but this makes me want to do one of every color. And I just might!

This last picture has nothing to do with quilting but a lot to do with cuteness. As I was turning onto my street coming home, I saw this dog being walked. I noticed the little sweater and wanted a picture, but even I was not going to stop the car and ask a complete stranger to take a picture of her dog. BUT- as I was standing at the kitchen window about 10 minutes later, here they came around the corner. I went out and apologized for being so silly but asked if I could have a picture. Not only could I have a picture, but we ended up talking for the longest (his owner; the dog didn't speak). His name is Duke, and he's 10 years old. Has congestive heart failure but is on a new medication and seems to be doing fine. I don't believe he minds the sweater at all.


  1. Hi I am really enjoying your blogg. On the jelly rolls make a small quilt or handbag. Lots of patterns. Really like the squares they look just like Spring is already here. Looking forward to seeing your next block of the month. So far they look so pretty. Barbara

  2. Hi, Barbara. Thanks. Bags aren't my friend, as you know. I'll lay them all out and get a picture later and see how it looks - wallhanging maybe!

  3. Love the moda jelly rolls! I totally would have caved and bought those!
    The cathedral window quilt is so beautiful! I'd love to know how long it too to actually make the entire thing.

  4. Yep, Lydia, my fingers just kept straying over there to touch and rearrange them a few times! Since the cathedral window is made by hand, each little window has to be folded several time and tacked down and then the middle placed in, and all that fancy draping done. It's not hard, and I was glad to learn the method, but it's not on my future project list.