Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Rest of the Day

Back to the doctor's office for my followup after lab tests. All the tests were good except for my vitamin D. Normal is 30, and my value was 10, so I have to take 50,000 units a week (one $2.50 pill) plus 2 daily pills of 600 of calcium and 400 more of vitamin D for 3 months or until it the value comes back up. Maybe I'll go sit in the sunshine some. But then you have to worry about skin cancer.

Those big old calcium tablets are not going to be fun for someone who can't swallow pills. Thank goodness for pill cutters and bananas. One more year of being healthy otherwise, though. Can't argue with that.

Below are three little things that make me happy. Silly little things but nonetheless...

The first is a tiny little scoop that I found at World Market (got one for sugar too). My family gets tired of hearing me say, "Did I show you the cutest little thing I found?" It's only about 5 inches long, but it's heavy and just feels good. (Doesn't take much to please me!)

This next strange-looking thing is my pill holder/divider thing. I got this at the Container Store a few years ago, and it beats those plastic things with the giant days of the week on them. I guess one day my pill-taking might be a little more complicated, but I can enjoy it while I can. Aren't those vitamin D pills pretty?

The last one is a little embroidered flower on a daygown I made years ago. The front has more flowers on it, but this is on the back placket and kind of unexpected. Once my sewing history reaches heirloom sewing, I'll take a better picture of it.

That's probably all the excitement I can stand today.

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