Monday, February 16, 2009

Log Cabin Problems

Here is the practice square I made for the Latte Log Cabin wallhanging that I'm starting. I got all the thousand little pieces cut out exactly the right size (hopefully), and lined them up in the correct order. It's really hard to get the measurements. Even though I measured after each piece, it still ended up being kind of crazy in the middle. I think I might on those first tiny pieces mark my 1/4-inch seam and sew them by hand. I have SO much free time to do that. But if they don't start off exactly right, it will throw the whole square off.

It's work today and cleaning house and hopefully working on a few more quilt pieces. Here are the things I saw when I brought in the paper this morning.


Carolina jessamine getting ready to bloom. Too bad it's not the one that smells so good.

Always dependable, always beautiful pansies.


  1. The quilt square looks great! I love that caramel colored paisley pattern!

  2. It think it looks like a cinnamon roll! It's a whole line of Michael Miller fabrics some of them Latte and some of them Cream. I bought the kit last year, so I don't know how many are still around. The one you like is called Polly Paisley, and I found it here - on sale!

  3. Hi, since you have made such a lovely log cabin block maybe one day in the future you can help me with a pattern I bought called White Chocolate. It looked so pretty at the retreat that I got brave and bouht now I think I just went over my head. Looking foward to seeing the other blocks I am sure they are or will be just as nice.

  4. Not sure about helping anyone! Although white chocolate sounds good with the latte.