Friday, February 20, 2009

Latte Progress

I have been a little busy. Now that I'm getting more comfortable with what's going on, I should get them done faster. Each square has to be measured in 4 places 17 times, each time a strip is added, and if there is even a tiny discrepancy, the strip has to be redone. There sure is a sense of relief when I do that final measurement and see 5-1/2 inches on all sides. I think I said below that there were 48 blocks - I was wrong. There are 64. I think I may have gotten a little ambitious trying to get this done by the end of May. Oh, well. Gives me an excuse not to do housework.

Barbara and I had a nice shopping day yesterday - lots of looking, not much buying. I guess it says something about our ages to realize we spent more time at the Clinique counter talking about the latest anti-aging creams than we did looking at clothes.

Today - well nothing much to talk about. I worked 4 hours this morning and then worked on the quilt here and there and just kind of enjoyed my day. Very cold though. Darby didn't get her walk, and I don't think she cared. All 3 of them were content to stay in today. Stella thinks my sewing machine chair is hers, and I had to dislodge her several times during the day. She doesn't much like me anyway. Her latest funny/smart thing is to ring her bell to get into the sunroom - when the door is already open. At first, I just looked at her and told her to go on out, the door's open. She would keep ringing it until I got up, and I thought she was just bugging me. Then she would run to the back door, and I realized it was her roundabout way of telling me she wanted to go outside. For such a big sassy cat, she has almost no voice - just a little squeak when she meows. Kind of nice.
She likes my work chair too.
No Atlanta for me tomorrow - reprieve! I know there will be several trips to make before May, but we decided this will just be a chance for Emily to spend some time with her friends and feel things out. Then when there are decisions to be made, I may be asked for some input. She's pretty good at knowing what she wants though. An old friend from Thomaston, Keith Johnson, has agreed to perform the ceremony. We're excited about seeing him again. I think it's going to be such a good time, just like she's wanted all along.


  1. I love your latte quilt!!! The colors are great. It's going to be beautiful.
    I am knee deep in the Jenny Haskins Heritage quilt. The second class is today and I've already gone through 7 spools of embroidery thread. I'll post a pic on my blog when I get one block actually finished.

  2. Sooo - you're saying you won't be able to take about 25 of the squares and do them for me? I already have them ready to be mailed. I can't wait to see the one you're doing. Don't forget to post a picture.

  3. The squares look great! Were you able to work on more of them yesterday, in lieu of the Atlanta trip?