Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Conquering the BOM

Block of the Month, that is. On the first Saturday of every month, we go down to the local quilt shop and trade in our finished block for the kit for another block - well, we don't actually trade it in. We can bring it home, but they're very strict on not giving you the next one until you finish the one before. If you follow all the rules, it's all free except for $5 for the first block. The one I finished is the 10th one, so I have 2 more to go. It went together pretty well, much better than December's block that I had to start over with.

This is the one I messed up. Or thought I did. It turns out the pinwheel thing was just turned the wrong way, but I decided not to worry about it. As busy as this quilt it, I challenge anyone to find a wonky pinwheel. I'm not too crazy about all the fabric choices, but we don't get to choose. I finished both today and got out the instruction for the center part that all these 12 squares are going around.

This is what it's supposed to look like. I have high hopes! I've now done 10 of the 12 squares that go around the outside, so my task today was to square them up and make sure they're all the same size before I go on to the fun part - the middle. But when I counted I only had 9. I matched them up with the instruction sheets, and I'm missing the 2nd one. I looked everywhere it might be hiding but with no luck, so I decided to look for some scraps and make a new one. I had some similar fabrics and have it all cut out to make later. I am not happy about that little glitch, but I am happy that I didn't just throw those little squares into a basket and go back to them later. Because I know me.

Too bad I have to start work at 5:00. It's cold and windy, and there's fresh coffee, and the kitchen where I was cutting little triangles and squares looks like an explosion. But I probably need a break.

Things are looking up as far as handing down quilting enthusiasm to elder daughter. Elise didn't put her hands in her ears today or sigh audibly when I mentioned that she would probably enjoy all this cutting out and measuring. Not sewing. No, NOT sewing. She might have to learn to thread a needle, so that's out. I think she feels like the only way she'll get her own quilt is to help me along a little. We have time, and I have faith.

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  1. Your blocks are lovely! And what a fabulous scheme from the quilt shop. I don't have anywhere nearly as lovely close by!