Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday morning relaxing

So this is the day before New Baby arrives, and I can hardly remember the last two days since I've been here..

Ryan went fishing early, so Emily, Graysen and I had a relaxing morning at home.

Emily had been wanting to make a tomato-based soup like her grandmother used to make, so she worked on that first thing this morning.

Gracie ate her breakfast and got to watch a movie for her electronics time today.  She chose "Little Mermaid" and followed it pretty closely.  It's really the first time I've ever seen it too.  Emily fast forwarded through the scary parts, so we got to enjoy it without being scared.

She and I spent some time on the deck playing with some of the little animals.  It was a little chilly but not enough to wear shoes.  

I took this picture of the rhodendrons from the living room window.

What a nice porch to enjoy the nice weather.

Emily and Graysen took a walk.

New Baby's room is still in progress, but you can tell how pretty it's going to be.  The glider, crib, and changing table have come from Graysen's room, and Ryan just painted the chest to go with the crib wall.

Grand-kitty Jack and grand-Corgie Griff.  

One reason I don't get more written is this:

Whenever I sit down and start to type, she runs in and says, "Mimi, Imma making G's."  And never tires of it - 13 pages of typing this last time.

Pop Pop got here this afternoon.

Pop Pop still has a little energy.  Pop Pop run!  Pop Pop play toys!  Come here, Pop Pop!  They have read numerous books, run a LOT, played ball, eaten pizza, laughed a lot.  He's fascinated by how much she is changing and learning as much as I am.

And someone wants to be a tiny baby again.  She needed Mommy to hold her and Pop Pop to read her a bedtime story.

These are doll  baskets that I brought up for her, the same ones Emily and Elise played with when they were little.

She can also be a big girl too, riding so nicely in the cart at Target and looking at princess sheets.

 Not so much the big moose and the Spiderman.  "Stay up dere."

Ordering something in the Greek restaurant.

Feeding her babies.

Making more G's.

I'm not sure how tomorrow will go, but this is her last day as an only child.  I think she'll be fine.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


So much for this blogging.  I even make notes to help me remember everything, and I never take time to even open my computer or phone except to work.

Briefly so I don't forget everything.

Flight from ATL to Seattle was okay.  Mike took me to the airport and walked me to the security check.  I think he thinks I'll get lost.  But it is nice to put off making decisions until I have to.  For some reason, no one was having to take off anything or pull things out of bags.  In fact, this guy was yelling, "Nothing out of your bags.  Nothing.  I repeat, nothing out of your bags.  If I see you touch your bags, you will be sent to the back of the line."  So that was easy.

Waiting was okay.  I was between a couple of people headed back home to WA and a couple from Mobile headed to Juneaux for him to fish.  So we chatted a little back and forth.  My seatmates, though, were not so compatible.  About normal, I guess.  It was a couple about my age.  The guy helped me put my bag up, but the lady glared at me and never once muttered a word or even acknowledged me.  I like no conversation, but I felt like she hated me for sitting there.  They were either writing gospel songs or speaking on tongues; I could never quite hear more than a monotonous singing and muttering.  He had his computer open the WHOLE trip, and she went to sleep, so my thoughts of at least standing up and stretching or going to the bathroom were bound to disturb them, so I just sat there and was miserable after a couple of hours.  I may have slept a little but not much.  I forgot my book, didn't want to crochet, and there was nothing but clouds to see out the window.  Finally with an hour left, everyone got up and moved around, so that revived me, and the rest was fine.

Emily picked me up, and that was also quick and easy.  I've never seen her 8-1/2 months pregnant, so that was fun.  She's still cute but with a big tummy,

I was wondering how Graysen would greet me, if she would remember me, and I would love to have a video of our meeting.  She was napping but just waking up when we got there.  Emily went up and told her Mimi was here.  As I went up the stairs, I heard her say, "Peek a Mimi,"which is what we do on Skype.  When she stepped out of her room, I think she thought I was going to be on the phone or Skype, but when she saw me standing there, she screamed at the top of her voice and started jumping around.  I didn't get a hug for a little while because she had to show me things, but that was the BEST greeting.

I'm supposed to be working, so I''ll write more later and have bunches of pictures already.

Emily and I are going to take Graysen to the library story hour tomorrow.  Mike is going to be here days after tomorrow.  And then it's Baby Day.  We're working out how we're going to handle visit, etc.

I here a chatterbox coming up the stairs to tell me about Skyping with her other grandparents.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nursing Home Day

I tried to find something interesting about yesterday to write but never did.

The best thing I saw was Murray lying half on and half off the couch.  I'm not sure how he balanced, but by the time I got the camera, he had moved.

The first picture where I was sneaking around the corner is blurred, but it's the closest I got to his first position.  He then saw me, got up and stretched and fell back down to sleep some more.

He really is a sweet kitty.

Speaking of kitties, Sherry and David have left on their trip to Colorado with 3 of their babies.  For those adventures, here is her blog.  Three weeks of traveling.  I'm so envious.  But maybe not envious of a carsick kitty.

Well, I guess cats is all I have to offer today.

It's nursing home day, so I'll make the nearly 2-hour trip to deliver Mama's week's worth of snacks and things she's asked for.  Then I'll come home this afternoon and probably go straight to bed.

We got another carload of packed and labeled boxes to Bob's yesterday and brought home some chairs for the yard sale.

Today is Emily's last day of work before the baby comes, and she's more than ready to get off her feet.  And I'm more than ready to be up there.  

I got a sweet grandmother card from my friend Barbara.  It's hard to believe it's almost time to see this new one.  

We ate the first zucchini from the little vegetable garden.  Yummy.

I'm struggling to find thing that made yesterday interesting, but I like slow-paced days.  We did have a bunch of wind and rain that lasted a little bit.  Exciting.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tyiing up loose ends

Or just aimlessly wandering around sometimes.

Mike has the grass all cut and the yard looking nice, so he moved the furniture out of the breakfast room and sunroom/sewing room for mopping.`

Just like a golf course - his words - but it is beautiful lately.

That made me decide I needed to clean up my sewing area, so I spent some times organizing embroidery thread.

Then I cleaned the embroidery hoops of all the goop that's collected on them from the spray adhesive.

They're hanging on a wooden coat rack that belonged to Mike's dad.  It comes in handy in the sewing room for all kind of things.

I did a lot of little jobs like changing the sheets, doing laundry, and labeling a few more boxes for storage.

I finished the elastic on the Raggedy Ann sleeves and got her ready to go back in a box.  We Skyped with Graysen, and I showed her the doll.  She wasn't scared but couldn't quite figure her out.

I packed a little bit more.

Talked with my supervisor about paid time off and leave.  I can't get a leave without an emergency, but she thinks she can fix it so I can have a week off unpaid after my PTO runs out.  I didn't even think anyone would notice if I was gone.  I know it sounds good to think I can have a few hours to work up there, but in the midst of new baby, toddler, laundry, trips to the park, etc., any free time I have, I feel like I'll be wanting to sleep.

Speaking of toddlers, here is a special relaxed one.  Those are G's on the side of the bathtub in case they are not clear.

When we ask her where Baby Sister is, she goes and hugs her mom's tummy - but then that's it.  Not much interest otherwise.  And why would there be?!  I'm glad I'm going to be able to see her first reaction to the baby.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Just Monday

The only have-to today was to get my driver's license renewed.  I had no idea it had expired until I got a postcard last week saying it expired April 27th.  I was lucky.

We drove reluctantly to the driver's license place; we don't always have a good time with tage and license experiences.  This time the 2 policemen at the door were friendly and joking around, and we went and sat amongst the others.  I had a number in the 400s and was regretting not bringing along something to do when my name was immediately called.  The person I dealt with was nice and friendly, and we had an in-depth discussion on how and when to let our hair go completely gray and then talked about the state of our eyes.  All in the line of business - hair color and corrective lenses are legitimate matters on a driver's license.  I can't wait to see my final picture.  The backdrop was electric blue, and my shirt was bright green.  Hurts my eyes to think about it.

I then did a little shopping, came home, and started in on my letter sorting.  I loved reading the old emails (that I had printed) from the very beginning when it was all new.  My very first picture to see on an email was a picture of one of Sherry's cats, and I was SO excited.  There are several years of emails from 1997 to 2003:   Christmas and Thanksgiving plans, college exams, new jobs, trips, boyfriends coming and going, buying and selling houses, changing jobs.  There were discussions among all of us during all these emails of long-distance calls and collect calls and developing film, things that are unheard of now.  Glad I kept them.

There seems to be a common theme in cards to me - kittens and puppies - and sometimes flower.

One treasure found was Emily on a Rock.  I can't remember where it came from, but it looks like Vacation Bible School.

Only 6 more days until I see these girls.  And 10 days until we get to meet new baby.

I'm trying to remember the things I've made lately, which have been very few.  This sister bird set worked out great.  I love working with embroidery sometimes instead of applique.

Graysen got this apron with a Ladybird G and a reversible jumper with owl buttons.

Well this is before the owl buttons were sewn on.

I did this sweet sailboat bib to send with a sleeper to a friend's shower.  Baby Ross expected in July.

I liked the sailboat so well, I had to do Graysen one. 

It's time to stop sewing and pack everything up.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Plugging along

I don't really have anything interesting to add today except that we spent 30 minutes before church in the storage unit (across the street from the church) and 15 minutes afterwards labeling boxes.  It feels good to have 50 boxes labeled and ready to go - somewhere.

I can't say I would have chosen mustard yellow for the doors, but all in all, it looks pretty neat.

I decided to tackle a box of old letters and newspaper clippings and emails sent and received when emailing was a really new thing - 1996-1998.  It's just like a journal to read those emails and fill in the gaps, things I had forgotten - Emily's trip to England for Christmas, my exhausting work schedule, busy family-filled Christmases.

So far, I'm throwing away more than I'm keeping.

I threw away that envelope on top, but I kept the letter to the tooth fairy from Emily (asking her to please bring $3.00), a good many little teeth and even some hair in a box.  Can't bring myself to throw that away yet.

I spent an hour or so on the phone with an old friend, Debra from Thomaston.  We don't talk much any more, but when we do, we hardly can find a stopping place.  Now that we have Mimi talk, that just adds to the fun.

Now it's back to the work week.  Tomorrow I have to go renew my driver's license which expired in April that I didn't even know about.  Oops.  I might need that.