Friday, April 20, 2018

It Stopped Raining for a Minute

After gymnastics and lunch at the corndog place, Graysen was eager to get into play clothes.  She picked out Katherine's as well as hers.  I told her it wasn't THAT warm, but they didn't seem to notice.  I sat on the front steps in my jacket while they ran and laughed and played tag and climbed the little cherry tree.  

We went to Fred Meyer last week, and Emily got a plant to replace Mr.  Brown.  We've all got kind of attached to him.

No pictures yet, but I did work on the balcony yesterday and got a tomato and 2 geraniums planted.  Like I said, it's not THAT warm yet.  Elise got a couple of herbs and enjoyed planting them.  We have a full garden plot rented for the year and we're eager to start digging in when it's warm enough.  We bought some peppers and dahlias so far.

I realized I'm not taking many pictures lately for some reason so decided to try to take some this week,

Our Dairy Freeze lunch after gymnastics, which the girls insisted on eating outside.  Graysen sort of wishing shé'd brought her jacket out.

This may be the reason for the eagerness to eat outside.  I hope he's not permanent because neither girl would sit down at a table.

Playing before gymnastics started.

I parked in a different place Wednesday and got to observe Graysen playing in the garden at school.

It all looked so rustic and precious, but once they discovered me standing there, they confessed they were trying to make something to make people sick.

When we were picking up Katherine, we decided to take some pictures there too.

It's difficult to leave her Paw Patrol Crocs (or craps, as she calls them) at school.  I've yet to see them on the right feet.

I never get tired of looking at the mountains every morning.

We actually had about three big rumbles of thunder yesterday, and we loved it, running to the door in wonder.  I'll be visiting Alabama next week and hope for a small thunderstorm.

Emily is away for three days for a conference.  Graysen told the other gymnastics mothers she was gone for three months.  Ha.  I'll probably see a little more of the girls over the weekend.  Tomorrow after school is the Rooster Valley Daddy Dash - which Ryan looks forward to more every year.  I've never seen one, but just from the picture, the kids and dads have a number of obstacles and activities to go through together.  He has two more of them to look forward to when Katherine gets there.

Just some Rooster Valley pictures from Egg Week, Easter Egg Hunt, and everyday life with friends - animal and people.

Dropping raw eggs into various substances was almost more than Graysen could take.

And green eggs were definitely something she couldn't take.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Ignoring Winter

 This is unacceptable, just to skip over 6 weeks of our lives and just not comment.  One day when the girls read this, they'll think I hated winter - or something.

I am really really looking forward to better weather though.  Spring arrived, and we've had some nice sunny days, but then this morning it was cold and snowing.  The daffodils and forsythia are blooming, and the cherry trees are beautiful.  The new house has a cherry tree in the front yard, so we get to  look at that every morning - even though the blossoms are usually wet.  I do have a thunderstorm to look forward to tonight, I hear.  People are being asked on the weather stations to be prepared for that possible clap of thunder we might have tonight.  I sure do miss a good storm that doesn't involve snow or sleet!

So much has happened since I last wrote.  It's going to take awhile to catch up.  Nothing has been nicer than getting a haircut this morning though.  I waited too long and then Leslie had a skiing trip, so I was breaking out the barrettes last week.  Now that I got it cut, she tells me she is moving to Oregon to be near a new grandbaby.  Not that I blame her but who else is going to put up with me!

These are the things that have happened that I need to record if I can get time and don't get bored.
Graysen's 5th birthday and bowling alley party.
Valentine's Day.
Moving into the new house.
Katherine's bout of pneumonia.
A little (very little) sewing.
Cookie making, gymnastics, eating at Nick-Donald's.  A couple of sleepovers for Graysen.

Typing that made me think of those words that get mixed up by toddlers, and they're so cute you hate to correct them.  I love to hear Nick-Donald's for McDonald's, and now we just call it Nick's.  Katherine says Nail-box for mailbox and thinks that's where Ryan keeps his nails.  Rester-naut for restaurant is still ongoing, but I think we'd better correct it before school starts.

Teaching past and all the other tenses is so hard.   Katherine told me one morning that she digged in the flower bed the day before.  While I admired her work, I said, "DUG.  Dug in the flower bed."  She looked at me pityingly and said, "Digged, Mimi.  I'ts digged."

I'll have to see what pictures I can find from all these activities.  I guess I'd better mention Graysen's birthday.  It was supposed to be a fairy party at a bouncy house, but it ended up being at the bowling alley (because of bouncy houses being full that weekend).  She shared the party with her friend Brooklyn who is 2 days younger, and they invited the whole school, so it was a big deal!  I think only 2 people out of 20 didn't make it, and then when you add a parent apiece and sometimes a sibling, it was a crazy time.  The cake went from being rainbow cupcakes to a fairy cake to a mermaid cake to being just what Costco decided to send - yellow roses suitable for a 90th birthday party - but delicious!

The two birthday girls.  We were pretty surprised that Graysen not only allowed this birthday hat to be placed on her head but that she actually wore it the whole day.

Rylan had never before bowled, but she seems to have the right moves.

Once Katherine discovered the driving booth, it was hard to tear her away.  

Except for cake!

That cake!  Not even yellow roses but white ones.  

I think this was the big party that will do for awhile.  She has just as much fun at all the other parties that are popping up lately - one Saturday at her gymnastics place.  Katherine doesn't yet have enough friends for a party, so maybe her third birthday in May will be a quiet one.

As if a birthday on the 13th of February isn't exciting enough, the very next day is Valentine's Day.  Both girls spent lots of happy times learning to draw hearts and playing with the cards and stickers and things Aunt Kathy and Uncle Alan sent as well as grandparents.  Unfortunately, Graysen had a fever on Valentine's Day and missed school, but she got to enjoy all her treats the next day.  Fun times.

The girls love their fairy villages that came with the new house, so for Graysen's birthday gift, I gave her 2 new fairies and a nest of baby bluebirds.  She loved them, of course, and couldn't wait to put them with the others.  It was too cold for me, so the pictures were taken from inside the house! 

Sleepovers are always special for Graysen, Mimi, and Aunt CeCe.  We do a little extra spoiling on those nights.  Katherine has not yet decided she likes spending whole nights here yet.  

Grandma Bindert gave the girls a whole set of luggage that she once upon a time.  The sizes are perfect for packing clothes plus Hop-Hop and Yellow.  They were forgotten last time, and it was not a happy time.

Chutes and Ladders with Aunt CeCe who has the patience to play game after game.

Time's up for today.  More memories later.