Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August Days

I really do need to write down what I do every day, because I'm having to really struggle to remember yesterday.  The Win-Bins returned from their trip and had a great time.  I have hundreds of pictures now but haven't had a chance to go through them and put them in a place where I can download some here.  The wedding was on a mountain, and the guests rode ski lifts to the site.  I told Emily it's a good thing I didn't go, because I would be staying behind!  She said it was even more fun coming down because your choices were a luge or a bumpy bus.  I almost wish I could have ridden a luge just to say I had done it and a ski lift too.

I believe that's Mt Hood in the background.  It's so beautiful.  Mike and I enjoyed seeing it when we moved up here and came through California and Oregon and then again from the air when we went to Palm Springs.  It's just breathtaking.

 I don't even know the bride and groom's names.  They were friends from South Dakota who moved to Portland separately and rediscovered each other.  I think.

I'm pretty sure no one had any more fun dancing than Katherine did.  The dresses were Christmas gifts from Rosanne and Lou and couldn't have been any more perfect.

I love this picture for so many reasons.  The death grip Graysen has on Katherine's neck; the view; Micah - I haven't seen him since Emily and Ryan's wedding in Atlanta in 2009.  And then trying to figure out Emily's and Graysen's arms.  Whose are whose?

So back to reality.  Monday Emily worked at home, and Graysen and I took Kate to school and went to the library.

She loves to put the books in the book drop and had a good many to return that I just couldn't read this time.

But we keep trying.  I see a few more for me to try.

I love going in on Monday morning and getting the free Seattle Times just so I can get the book reviews and the NY Times crossword puzzle out.  Keeping up Mike's traditions.  It made him so happy, that Monday morning trip - to get something free!  And, of course, to carry on with the librarians.  I go home and make a new list of books that sound good to request.  I think I overdid it this time, and they all came in at once.  I'm not much good at the crossword puzzle, but I'm giving it a try.  These are the things I miss most, sharing those Mondays.

We've been following the construction of the new hotel with interest since it was just a pile of dirt.  Most people on the Ridge were upset about cutting down all the trees for it, but I think it's needed, and it will have a beautiful view.

This is a mystery building that's going up next door to the hotel.  No one knows exactly what's going to go there but hopefully not another Starbucks.  I guess it's just going to be shops and a restaurant maybe.  I love the mountains and trees and all, but it sure is good to have that Safeway just a few blocks away instead of having to drive 10 miles to buy groceries.

Tomorrow Grandma and Grandpa Bindert are arriving to spend a week, so first thing this morning the girls were making them some welcome signs for their door.

Paw Patrol stickers or more Paw Patrol stickers.

Then they got dressed and we went to deliver more packages to the post office and went to the grocery store for a few things and then on to Nick-Donald's for our weekly trip.  We went to Ana's, the Mexican restaurant down the street from my apartment, but it was really expensive, and I don't think they enjoyed it as much as just picking up Happy Meals and milk shakes and taking them home.

This was on the corner at Twede's Cafe.  I wish I weren't driving, so I could take pictures of all the hanging baskets and pretty flowers in North Bend.

And the rest of the day went well.  The girls played nicely together and separately, and let me have a cup of coffee and maybe a small nap.  Then we read all the new library books and Graysen decided to fix my hair - Lella, the hair-doer.  It was worth it to hear the gales of laughter as she "styled" it.  I told her it didn't give me much confidence if she was going to laugh at her work.

Once the new grandparents get here, I get a week off, so maybe I'll get some reading done.  I've just about sold all those sewing magazines on Ebay that I found in the garage and have made around $125.  I may have already spent most of it on a pink Kindle Fire for the girls to use at my house.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Our Summer So Far

The window fan is working overtime, and sometimes even that is not enough.  Sitting on the balcony in the mornings and at night is really nice and cool, but twice this week Elise and I went to Emily and Ryan's to spend several cool hours.  They took off to Portland for a wedding Thursday and will be home today, so it's been a nice vacation for everyone.  They're catching up with South Dakota friends and staying in a lake chalet.  I know they're having a good time because I'm getting no pictures!

It hasn't rained in what seems like weeks, so Em asked me to water the garden while they were gone.  I was a little freaked out by the fact that this guy has been roaming around nearby.

The garden plots are about a block from here, halfway between Emily's house and here, a little cul-de-sac of cottages where I thought I would like to live.  Except they don't have garages or any place to put my junk.  And bears walk on the porches. 

I was afraid to walk there because of getting inside the fence and seeing one outside.  I guess I would call 911.  Trapped in the Pea Patch with a bear looking at me.  And I usually leave my phone in the car.

I shouldn't have worried because there are always people working there, and I met a nice lady watering her plot.  She had some huge cabbages and tons of tomatoes.  I gave her some of Emily's prize dahlias and gladiolas in hopes that she will share the tomatoes when they're ripe.

These are some pictures I took earlier, but I really need to go back and get some more recent ones.  Those flowers make people just stop and stare - red, purple and pink dahlias and gladiolas.  The garden is so lush this time of year, it's almost impossible to walk in it without crushing something.  It's mainly kale, broccoli, and carrots and lots of strawberries.  I picked all the strawberries I could find and then stopped and picked blackberries on the corner until I got hot.

Elise washed them and took this picture.  The blackberries aren't as big and sweet as the ones I grew up picking, but I won't turn down free fruit.  Unless the bear wants them.

These pictures were taken last week when Elise and the girls and I went by to water.  I'll try to get some more today, although there aren't as many flowers.

 The nasturtiums just came up.  Emily didn't plant them, and the soil was all new.

 Somebody else's raspberries.

On Wednesday, we kept the girls while Emily and Ryan packed for the trip, and when we took them home, they wanted to run through the sprinkler in the front yard.  Elise took all these pictures, because I had to leave.  My anxiety takes over when I see them running full-speed down the sidewalk and jumping over the sprinkler.  I've seen too many skinned knees and hard falls this spring and summer to relax.  I just let the younger ones supervise.

More random pictures from my phone.

I saved a lot of the furniture from the dollhouse I put together in the '80s.  Elise and Emily were not as fascinated by it as I was.  I loved the miniature things, but they pretty much put rabbits and squirrels and mermaids in there.  Graysen loves to get out the box, though, and set up the little rooms.  She does bring her Calico Critters in too.  In my more creative days, I made a good many miniature foods and things.  I had a cookie sheet of biscuits from clay, but it looks like the biscuits are missing.  I made that pumpkin too, and it's held up fairly well over 30 years.

I don't ask any questions.  Like why is the baby's chest on top of the piano.  I'm sure there is a good reason.

 Katherine got lots of hugs from her boyfriends last week.  Kellen was her best friend all year, and then in May he got moved up to a preschool class (Katherine is going to another school next year so didn't get moved up), and they've missed each other so much.  They wave through the door to each other, but one morning we happened to be going in at the same time.

I'm not sure if it's Kellen or his dragon raincoat she liked better.  The first time I heard about him, she was telling us very excitedly that "Kellen has Paw Patrol undies!!"  If Kellen's class is in the hall playing with blocks when I pick her up, I feel like a celebrity.  He tells everyone, "That's Katherine's Mimi," and they all stare solemnly at me.

But she doesn't waste any time picking a new best friend.  Unlike Graysen at three, she likes boys better than girls.  She says the girls in her class are all babies.

Mac seems to feel the same way.  He waits for her on the playground every morning, and when she gets there, he yells, "It's my Katherine," and runs to open the gate.  I think she's a little embarrassed by this display of affection and even more so when he bursts into tears when she leaves every day.

I love it that both girls love books and will never turn down a story.  That's my favorite thing to do on these warm days, read to them, because it's cool and involves a couch and sometimes something cold to drink.

Preparing for kindergarten.  Graysen knows her letters and numbers and how to write her name, but we're working this summer on how to write smaller and not fill half the page with her name.

This is good for maybe 30 minutes of fun.  Not half as much fun as it was last year.

After seeing the shadow puppet show, I found some books in the library to help us make more puppets.  The snake was the favorite of all - of course - but it was the easiest.  That and a fuzzy-headed bird joined the owls, but we've yet to make the theater.

Katherine was lukewarm on the puppet-making, but she did contribute a stick from the back yard.

Now about three more weeks before the beginning of school.  Graysen starts September 4th at Cascade View Elementary and Katherine September 5th at Rooster Valley.  Getting them to school at the same time in schools 10 miles apart will take some juggling, but it's doable.  They'll both take dance lessons one day a week here on the Ridge.  And hopefully it'll be a simple schedule and a good fall.  I'm looking forward again to having some weekdays alone but will have Katherine Tuesdays and Thursdays all day.  I wonder what we'll do all day.