Saturday, February 9, 2019

Interesting 24 hours

The snow came as promised - on top of the icy slush - and then the wind came to blow it all around.  It's beautiful to look at but not so lovely underneath.

Ryan brought the girls from school around noon yesterday and visited for a bit until the snow started falling on cue.  It took all night to get the 8 inches the first day but only maybe 3 hours to get 6 this time.

We hardly noticed the weather since it was warm and active and loud indoors.  Jack had arrived at 11:00 and spent a while sniffing every corner of every room.  The only venturing outside was when Jack started pacing and had to be taken out.  Elise and I took turns going with him, but I only went down a few steps and was glad he had a long leash.  He didn't like the cold any more than we did, since he didn't linger.

And Layla pretended she hated Jack.  She would crouch down and follow him everywhere, but when he turned his head to look at her, she would go into this overly dramatic growling and hissing.  Jack was not impressed and didn't pay her a bit of attention, which made her even more curious.

We did most of the same things from the night before, but somehow with a dog, cat, and 2 kids, it was crazy, enough so that I was watching the clock for bedtime.

Katherine didn't go to sleep immediately this time but had to have two books read to her first, because she doesn't like "Marona" books (books without pictures on each page).  Graysen loves to listen to them though, so we read several chapters.  At one point, Ramona said her favorite time at school was playground time, and Graysen said that was her favorite too.  I asked Katherine what her favorite part of school was.  She was lying on her back with her feet in the air and her grumpy face on, but she never paused, "It's lunch.   Mimi, I need somepin to eat now."

This morning after breakfast I thawed the hummingbird feeder and tried to get rid of some of the snow on the balcony but failed to improve it much.  No reason.  If we have six more days of this, I may as well wait.

Ryan came and got the girls about 10 this morning, so I had to stuff them into their snow clothes.  He brought his snow shovel and cleared around my car and cleaned our walk and steps off.  I swept the steps and was able to go all the way down, but when Kelly came to pick up Jack, she said the landing and steps were just sheets of ice since it had rained.  So, I'm in for another spell.  My YakTrax shoe things seem to work pretty well and give me confidence, but I'm not going to take any chances I don't have to.

So now that Jack and the girls are home, we have a quiet house, and it's so nice.  Elise and I both agree that we adore these little girls, but day after day of just VOICES is a lot to take.  Even when they're coloring or drawing, they're still engaging and wanting you to look at things or help them with something, or they're hungry - or something.  We try our hardest to have patience and not sigh or frown too much and just let them be children.  They make us laugh much more than they make us sigh!

And those snuggles!  Katherine and I were up first this morning, and she was in a chirpy mood and sat in my lap for a long time and talked and talked.

Emily might be coming home early tomorrow.  Ryan is looking at different flights.  It's supposed to start back snowing around 4:00 and snow all night, so I want her in before then.  It's not going to be a fun day waiting.  I don't think the interstates got totally cleared today.

I'm not sure what the next week will be as far as school and work - and everything.  It's suposed to snow 7 out of the next 8 days for some period of time, and I can't imagine things are going to get better with that.  We may be out of groceries by then.  I've already missed picking up a book from the library that came in and haven't been to the mailbox in 2 days.

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