Tuesday, June 20, 2017

First Summer Day

I hit a brick wall in writing about the memorial.  Just could not do it.  But I will

Just have to document this great day yesterday.  It may be the middle of June,, but we haven't had many warm days with no rain; yesterday was almost perfect.

Graysen had a playdate set up at Lake Sammamish, and we were almost on the way with a watermelon when they postponed it because the water was still too cool for swimming.  So maybe we'll do that later this week.

Just to have something to do, I picked up the girls and took them to the park.

Graysen loves Katherine's new dress from Aunt Kathy and Uncle Alan  so much that she had to wear it as a top.

And Katherine has on Graysen's outgrown outfit with the droopy pants.

I put this on Facebook, but it just made me laugh.  Graysen is so excited to see plants and animals that she went crazy over what I thought was a hollyhock.  Turned out to be foxglove.

I told her what it was, and she said, "Mimi.  That's a flower.  It's not a holly fox."  So literal.  When I later corrected it and told her it was a foxglove, she just looked at me and said, "Foxes don't wear gloves."

We decided to go to Community Park which is about 2 blocks from my place.  It's at a Y, and the parking lot was filled up.  The place was teeming with children, hundreds of them.  The school is next door, and we had hit the last day of school.  Thank goodness most of them went home, so the park itself was not too crowded.

The girls were so excited and ran all the way up the hill to the park.  Katherine was so excited about her blue sandals that she couldn't keep her eyes off them.

The first people we saw were Paige, James, and Jessica.  They had just seen each other 2 nights earlier but had to have big hugs and greetings.  I forget the dog's real name, but it was in this same park that Mike renamed him Lester.  So Lester he will be for me from now on.

Graysen immediately joined in and ran around playing on everything.  Katherine was content to sit on the bench with me for awhile and just watch.  I loved it.  She was sitting really close and hugging me and just so content, looking up and smiling every once in awhile.  It was sunny but not hot, and there was a nice breeze blowing.

Finally she got up and climbed up and down the stairs to the slides but never went down.  I took her to the baby swings, but she wouldn't put her feet through the holes - twice.  Graysen was loving swinging after the others left, and I finally got Katherine to get in the swing.  She's been in swings before but had forgotten how high it looked because she was a little nervous at first.  It didn't take long before she was saying "Push me.  Push me.  High.  Swing."

When they started getting hungry, we left - down the hill!  It's so beautiful here.  I wanted to just stay longer, but they had their minds on food.  I had water and goldfish in the car, so we headed there.

We took Katherine home for lunch and a nap, and I took Graysen back to the apartment.

I love to hear her talk - her Graysie-isms.  She says the sun brights her eyes too much, and when she was walking on the top of a little retaining wall, she said, "I'm too trippy in these sandals."

We had lunch, and she watched Super Why for awhile, and then we checked on my garden.  No sun, but it seems to be thriving.  I tried sitting there tonight late with a cup of coffee, and new book, but I didn't last too long before it got too chilly.

Graysen and I noticed that there are 2 black cats on Susan's balcony across from us.  I've never noticed them before, but they were walking outside the railing and calling down to us when we got out of the car.  It scared me.  I could never make Molly see them though.

She played a little bit longer and did some ABC Mouse before she went home.  As we drove up to her house, we saw this bunny eating the grass out front.

While Emily and I talked a few minutes, the girls ran and played in the grass.  They're at such good ages now to play together - sometimes.  It's only going to get better.

My pictures are pale and hazy.  I think it's time to clean something or tweak something - but I have no idea what.

We have 80% chance of rain today but a whole week of 0% rain after that.  We'll catch up on the new library books today and then get outside some more later on.

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