Tuesday, December 27, 2016

New Life Starts Now

I wish it could be that easy - to start over without regrets or sadness or pain, but I think those things are a big part of what makes us.  They aren't as easy to take as happiness and contentment, but hopefully I can find a good mixture of those things going forth.

I did not post that last picture and Christmas greeting.  While showing me something about handling photos, Emily saw that one of Graysen and realized how easy it was to post it here.  I saw that I liked it though.  It expressed more of the pure joy of the season rather than the times when we would be just overcome with sadness.

I hope I'll sort through my pictures and come back with more time and remember these past weeks.  I can't remember when I've had more highs and lows.  The girls and I always listened to a radio station in the car that played Christmas songs only.  We usually sang all the way back and forth to school if we heard something we knew.  It never failed though that there would be that song that brought back memories of happier times or songs that just expressed what I was feeling.  Sometimes I would turn the radio off immediately, but other times I would just let the tears come, and I think I needed that.

Graysen has seen us cry, and she knows it's because we miss PopPop, but it doesn't upset her.  We never want her to forget him and how much he loved her, but we are going to try to stress the happy times they had - the pictures and videos and stories - and I think that will be a good lesson for us grownups too.  

His first meeting with each granddaughter.  He adored these girls and was amazed by everything they did and said.

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