Saturday, November 5, 2016

I love the sound of pouring rain when I know I'm snug inside and don't have to go out.  I just went down an hour ago to the mailbox and to take recycle things, and it was sprinkling then. 

We did this last Tuesday, I think. 

Last week was my first week of full-time babysitting, and I think we did pretty well.  I know the things I want to get done and when they should be done, but getting a 1-1/2-year-old and a 3-year-old to appreciate by schedule is nearly impossible.  They did fine though. 

Graysen had her "chore chart" and got to pick out a princess sticker every time she did what was expected of her.  She filled up her whole week's squares and got a quarter for her "piggy-pank" and an ice cream treat with Mom after school.  She does really well.  The jobs she has are clearing her dishes after breakfast and lunch, brushing her teeth, making up her bed (sorta - more like fluffing the pillows and lining up the stuffed animals), and getting dressed.  Then at night Mom and Dad get to give her a sticker if she picks up her toys. 

I'm not used to having Katherine all day long, and she cracks me up.  She knows a lot more than she mentions, and very little gets past her.  She has a definite temper and a pout, but she gets over it pretty fast.  I love seeing how their little minds are forming and seeing them learn things.  I'm physically tired at night but I do want to spend as much time as I can with them.

Halloween was fun.  Graysen had a red cape, so the natural thing was Little Red Riding Hood.  I made her a gathered skirt, and she had the other things to complete the look.  Emily wanted Katherine to be the wolf but quickly jinxed that idea.  No way would she wear anything like a wolf costume.  She did pull off the booted ballerina quite well and either didn't know about the tiara or didn't care for once.

Graysen had a hard time going up on porches and ringing doorbells, but she got some candy anyway even if people did have to chase her down to give it to her.  

Her favorite place was a zombie cemetery/horror house/really scary place.  Go figure.  She was fascinated by all the horrible things and laughed at the skeletons and man hanging from the porch in a box. 

After we got home, she got really brave and tried ringing her own doorbell and saying trick-or-treat.  Post event dress rehearsal.

Next week is my trip to Alabama.  I'm trying to get my mind on it, but I haven't started thinking about packing yet. 

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