Monday, July 25, 2016

Blog Update

Nothing to get excited about though.

I'm still pondering a new name but worried that I will lose or forget the earlier journal.  I need to learn more about this.

I'll find a new profile picture soon.  Lili has been gone for years now, but that picture still makes me happy.

I updated the profile since everything in it was outdated except for my hobbies.

I might spend some time getting a new layout when I find time and overcome my fear of messing it all up.

I'll play around with the blog lists and favorite sites some.  One of my favorite things is coming here to read what all my favorite people have posted - even though they all make me wish I had more interesting things to write about.  Except that I'm lazy and doing exactly what I want to do - and that's all I can talk about!

I want to make a book list since we're reading so much lately.  We don't watch movies often, but I have enjoyed Netflix when I have time.  It's mainly Octonauts for Graysen, but I got lost in Gilmore Girls and can't wait for the fall reunion.  Gossip Girl was something I never thought I would enjoy, but I did like it a lot and am sad now that I've watched all the seasons.  I'm now open to a new long-lasting series.

So, maybe summer has arrived in WA.  I woke up warm this morning with the window open, and I think I heard temperatures are going to be in the 70s and 80s this week.  That opens up some new play possibilities and more reading and sewing on the balcony.  Big exciting plans!

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