Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cinderella has her Dress

She's concentrating on the movie and waiting for the ballroom scene.  I think she likes it, and the fit could not have been better.  

Baby Kate is biding her time for cute videos, but here is one from last month.  She turned 4 months old yesterday.

I spent most of the morning learning how to get videos on Youtube and how to edit them.   I went through a lot of my old ones and had so much fun remembering.  

I can hardly remember when Graysen couldn't talk and could barely walk.  This morning, Ryan Skyped with us, and she was rattling on about hummingbirds and her new friend at the park and swinging and seeing Mila and Owen.  She even used that left hand to draw some G's for us.

We're gathering up a few things for the St. George's trip Thursday.  Very few.  Mike is smoking some macaroni and cheese, and we'll buy a bunch of shrimp on the way in.  Very simple trip.  Books and fishing stuff and a little food.  

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