Sunday, June 14, 2015


I didn't spend my WHOLE time up here holding and taking care of babies.  Emily and I did get one project finished and got a good idea of things Graysen needs made for the summer or matched or altered.

I am actually amazed that we pulled this off.  Emily send me this link a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it looked pretty difficult.  was more confident.   She wanted a place where Graysen could sit and read or play while she feeds the baby after all the grammas are gone and they're alone.  She ordered a hula hoop, and Ryan picked up one somewhere, and I figured this was all that would become of them.

The smaller colorful one was the one we ended up using.

We first went to Joann Fabrics looking for a nice jersey knit that would drape the way it should.  We never thought we would find the exact gray and white stripe used in the tutorial.  It's perfect, so stretchy, so when it gets pulled on, it has a lot of give.  All we had to buy then was some white cotton (we underbought and had to go back and get more - blame cheap fabric and my misjudging some) and Velcro.

Emily printed the template and drew it onto the white fabric, and I sewed the scallops.  Again, I misjudged and made too few to fit around the hula hoop.  Next time (ha), we'll do a lot better on measurements.  The directions for the tent top baffled me up to the actual sewing them together.  Ryan did a little math, and he and Emily handled that part.  It was so exciting to see it all put together and become a real circus tent top.  We could have used another inch or so to fit down over the hula hoop better, but we are so proud of ourselves.

Here are some pictures of the end result.

She seems to like it.  Ryan is going to add an LED light inside so she will have light to read or play by.  Right now, Graysen's little chair is in there, but we now have plans to make a beanbag in the nursery colors.  Nothing can stop us now that we're so crafty!


  1. What a cute idea and fun project. I love it and I always knew you guys were crafty.

  2. What a cute idea and fun project. I love it and I always knew you guys were crafty.