Monday, May 18, 2015

Just Monday

The only have-to today was to get my driver's license renewed.  I had no idea it had expired until I got a postcard last week saying it expired April 27th.  I was lucky.

We drove reluctantly to the driver's license place; we don't always have a good time with tage and license experiences.  This time the 2 policemen at the door were friendly and joking around, and we went and sat amongst the others.  I had a number in the 400s and was regretting not bringing along something to do when my name was immediately called.  The person I dealt with was nice and friendly, and we had an in-depth discussion on how and when to let our hair go completely gray and then talked about the state of our eyes.  All in the line of business - hair color and corrective lenses are legitimate matters on a driver's license.  I can't wait to see my final picture.  The backdrop was electric blue, and my shirt was bright green.  Hurts my eyes to think about it.

I then did a little shopping, came home, and started in on my letter sorting.  I loved reading the old emails (that I had printed) from the very beginning when it was all new.  My very first picture to see on an email was a picture of one of Sherry's cats, and I was SO excited.  There are several years of emails from 1997 to 2003:   Christmas and Thanksgiving plans, college exams, new jobs, trips, boyfriends coming and going, buying and selling houses, changing jobs.  There were discussions among all of us during all these emails of long-distance calls and collect calls and developing film, things that are unheard of now.  Glad I kept them.

There seems to be a common theme in cards to me - kittens and puppies - and sometimes flower.

One treasure found was Emily on a Rock.  I can't remember where it came from, but it looks like Vacation Bible School.

Only 6 more days until I see these girls.  And 10 days until we get to meet new baby.

I'm trying to remember the things I've made lately, which have been very few.  This sister bird set worked out great.  I love working with embroidery sometimes instead of applique.

Graysen got this apron with a Ladybird G and a reversible jumper with owl buttons.

Well this is before the owl buttons were sewn on.

I did this sweet sailboat bib to send with a sleeper to a friend's shower.  Baby Ross expected in July.

I liked the sailboat so well, I had to do Graysen one. 

It's time to stop sewing and pack everything up.

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