Saturday, June 28, 2014


The latest ones, that is.  I seem to find new things to go crazy over and then gradually grow tired of them.

My latest 2 are drinks.  Debby and Mike can go away because they hate both of these!  More for me!

I had to experiment a few times until I got it just right, and it was worth it.  I tried a few times to add ice cubes to warm coffee, and it was less than delicious.  The trick for me is to make a cup/glass at breakfast and put it in the freezer.  When you take it out a couple of hours later, it has ice crystals.

I love knowing I have some in the freezer waiting for me.

The other drink obsession is La Croix.  There are differing opinions on how to pronounce it - La Croy or La Kwah.  I think it makes it more special to say La Kwah.  It's carbonated water with a little (teeny) bit of flavor.  Lime is my favorite, and Emily and I decided we hated the raspberry flavor.  Mike thinks it tastes like Alka-Selter.

These are nice to have to alternate with water since I'm trying (one again) to give up Diet Coke.  I don't miss them, but since we still have some around, I'll drink maybe one a week.

In addition to the vegetable we got at the farmer's market yesterday, I picked out this seedless watermelon - with absolutely no expertise at all on knowing a good one from a bad one.

Not bad. 

  I hate dealing with them, all the mess and dripping and finding room in the refrigerator - because it has to be cold - but that 15 minutes or so is well worth the pleasure of having a piece any time you want one.  Not bad at all.

I haven't given up sewing, just don't seem to have a lot of time to devote to it.  I did get bogged down with those buttonholes on this blue sunsuit and did them wrong twice - or the machine bunched up on me twice.

So I've abandoned it for a few days to try something else.  I bought this pattern for both a dress and top. 

I'm not crazy about the two-fabric look, but I do like that you can put piping down the front and under the yoke to make one fabric look good.

Instead of spending a lot of time on something and then having it not fit, I decided to take some old fabric and make one to send to Graysen and let Emily try it out.

I got everything cut out and the piping glued to the yoke.

But when it was time to sew it down, I found my sewing chair was taken.  Speaking of obsessions, you can usually find her there if I'm not in it.  It doesn't work for long to put covers there because she just wiggles them off.

I decided to go outside and check on things.  I've been seeing this for a few days on my lovely sweet potato vine.  Holes  everywhere.  I did a Google search and got a few answers.  Not Japanese beetles but flea beetles.  When I've looked closely, I have seen some tiny black bugs - not many though, and they always disappear.  I guess I'll try to find something to get rid of them.

One answer I saw was that wasps eat leaves and make their nests from the chewed up leaves.  I would have thought that was far-fetched, but just this morning I found this on the underside of one of the cucumber leaves.

Looks like a wasp nest to me!

Next time I plant seeds, I'll try to space them better.  I knew I was getting them too close but didn't figure on every seed coming up, and that's what it looks like now.
This cosmos is the tallest I've ever seen.  I would think it was a weed except that I know I planted it, and I see one little bloom on it.

The equally crowded one in front of them are marigolds, and there are asters kind of hidden between them.  I looked really hard and found a marigold bloom.  If they do all bloom, it's going to be beautiful.


I have a dog that I'll give any to anyone who wants her.  I'll even throw in food and toys.

This is a bed where I've been babying a clematis.  She dug up one earlier but didn't get the message I didn't like it.  I don't think she got it this time either.  She looked proud of herself and kept looking at those rocks like she knew something dangerous was hiding in them that she needed to protect me from.

I might keep her if she's as dedicated to hunting down legless things as she is hunting lizards and bugs.  

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