Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This brief little video just makes me smile (but then they all do).  Probably only interesting to grandparents.  She sees a giraffe - puzzle piece? and decides she wants to study it a little more.  I love how she climbs up in her little chair as if that will help her concentrate.  I also love her little "room," although I think she doesn't spend much time in there.

This has been a busy week but not with fun things - just traffic and crowds and noise and errands.  One of those days where you wonder what else can possibly go wrong.

At least Mama's phone that she dropped in her water glass is showing signs of life after sitting in a container of rice overnight.

Kari's shower that we are doing Sunday is coming together and should be fun.  Teal ribbon is harder than you would think to find.  And this IS tealer than it looks.

I typed a spring syllabus for Daniel while he waited and politely admired the sad and leggy cosmos babies.

The Target $1 bins need to stop having so many cute things that Graysen can't do without.

We won't talk about chasing a bottle of pills all over Montgomery and ending up crying in my first visit to the local Sam's Club.

And picking up the second newspaper in a stack of Birmingham News in the convenience store and finding out when I got home that it was actually a Montgomery Advertiser - which we already subscribe to.

I'm ready for a peaceful day at home tomorrow - after I go pick up the prescription that they refused to give me yesterday.  I'm sure every place in the world takes Visa - except Sam's.

We hear that we're going to have "bad weather" tomorrow night.  I'll be glad to get the rain and a little storm, but I don't want to have to worry about a tornado in the middle of the night.

After a week with with Fopa, the conversations are getting a little more animated.

 She may be loosening up a little too much, but I love to see the big smile.  I hear she has a lot of new teeth.


  1. I love the living room of a baby! Toys everywhere!!!

  2. And the kitchen and the dining room and her room.....