Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow or No?

The little hints given out by the weather forecasters in the past few days seem to be coming true.  That blue area on the weather map cuts right across Montgomery and says 1-3" of snow - or we may fall into the 3-5" section.

I went into Publix not just for milk and bread, although I did get those, but because there was nothing to eat otherwise.  I ended up eating an almond butter and marionberry jam sandwich last night - and it was delicious.  I do want some more of that jam.  It was in a tiny jar we bought on our first trip to Pike Place Market.  We brought back a lot of jars of various flavors for gifts and had that one left.

I was looking for a link for Pike Place or a picture of the jams area and found the nicest blog entry about it.  She did it justice with all the photos, and the jam booths are pictured there too. 

 I think Mike did try that hot ghost pepper jelly - may have even bought some. 

So, marionberry.  I can't say I had ever heard of it before buying those little jars.  Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it.  Seems it's grown in the NW - or the Himalayas.  I bet I could order some. I saw the "We Ship" sign above.  Or maybe Ryan and Emily could plant and grow some.   It tastes kind of grapey but with little seeds, and it went really well with the crunchy almond butter last night.

I'm still waiting on pictures of the 3 babies in their hats I made, but here are a few of the shirt and the hat together.

Here, Graysen has her "reaallly??" look on.  Mila and Owen seem to still have theirs on!

First taste of pizza.

Emily did a great job with all the extra ribbons to make the restaurant look a little more festive.

And we have a walker - or runner.  

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