Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Leon Causes Chaos

But not around here.  It was just another day - maybe a little tricky when Mike went to get the mail and didn't realize the walk was already slippery.

Here's my obligatory snow picture, taken from the warmth of the house.  We had a lot of freezing rain, sleet, and some snow but nothing to make things pretty in our neighborhood.

I knew I would find a bunch on Facebook, and I knew this guy would be beside himself if it snowed today.  Tyler has been praying since before Christmas for snow and finally got his prayers answered.

Lydia yesterday was wishing for a replay of the fun they had in 2010.

And got a milder version (so far - this is near Atlanta).  Her baby is just too big to hold now.

Sammy and Sawyer surveying the scene in their yard in Columbus.

Nate and his mom in Mississippi.

Kolt in North Alabama

I know I'll see some more pictures in the morning when people get their fingers thawed.

Andalusia didn't get snow but a bunch of ice.  These sweet boys were hopeful this morning.

A lack of actual snow didn't keep them from having fun though.  The picture below is really a video, but I couldn't get it to download as one.  A mere picture doesn't do it justice!

So much fun and laughter today.  

But also a lot of horrible situations.

These pictures will make you glad NOT to be in Atlanta today.  I'm pretty glad not to be there any day.

Graysen has had her day in the snow a couple of weeks ago - and was not impressed.  

She's keeping busy with a little water patting.

And veggie chasing.

I'm ready for spring.


  1. Did daddy fall? Why would he think it WOULDN'T be slick outside considering the circumstances?

    1. Of course I did not fall. My natural gracefulness and cat-like agility saved me from a situation that other humans would have meant broken bones. The very idea that I might have tumbled.