Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I guess it's Murray

If he decides to forgive me for all the torture the past few days and keep on living here.

I wasn't too sure of the name Murray, but it does seem to suit him.

A cat is not going to answer to anything anyway, so a name is kind of superfluous.  Elise and I briefly considered Murphy as it is similar.  I tried Brig, short for Brigham, Elise's strange purple-gray cat from the 80s.

Ever since his trip Monday, he's been a little cool toward me.

The shots and neutering that I took him in for were no problem at all.  He was leaping around and playing within an hour of getting home, not even holding a grudge - yet.

But the next morning we had this to deal with.

Elise had taken him in without knowing anything about his background, and he looks healthy enough.  Thank goodness the blood work didn't show anything bad.  But he has 2 medications for conjunctivitis, 2 for an ear infection, 5 filled syringes with some sort of antibiotic.  One bottle of something for an intestinal infection and tapeworms, and 3 syringes of pain medication - which I'm seriously considering not giving him.  He feels better than I do at this point.  And another antibiotic in pill form.

I hope having half of it end up on the me and the towel I wrap him in won't hurt anything.  It's so cruel to put stuff in his ears and his eyes and then a pill and 2 more doses of liquid that he cannot stand.  I did crush the pill and put it in a little Creme Brulee flavor Coffee Mate and managed to get that in him without too much fuss.  He wouldn't drink it (of course not), but I put it in a syringe and shot it into his mouth with less of the head-shaking and struggling.  After that, I sweet talked him into letting me put the vile orange medication in his mouth before he knew what was happening.  The vet said to do it gradually, but that means that he sprays me 4 or 5 times instead of the once.  I put it all in at once and held the towel tightly around his head so he had to swallow and told him nice things.  I haven't even done the other 3 yet.

But who can fault him for finding the catnip package and having a little party all by himself?

Is there a problem?

I think he deserves a long undisturbed nap just for being a good boy.

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