Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Return

I kind of took the summer off as far as blogging went and tried for a goal of September 1st to come back.  Just 10 days late.

It's so easy to fail to write things down and immediately forget them.  It's like this summer hardly existed, although it was certainly full.  And hot and humid.

I want to do more pictures of the things I make, the patterns used, fabric, etc., for future reference.  I made something 2 weeks ago for a consignment sale.  It's listed on my tag as blue onesie/machine embroidery, and I have no idea what design I used.  It sold, so I guess I'll never know.

I did conquer the unknown of consignment selling and feel like I learned a lot.  Montgomery has a bunch of sales in the spring and fall, and they're really a good idea, both for selling and shopping.  I went to a sale last year just as a member of the public with nothing much in mind, but the few things I bought Graysen have been things she's worn over and over.

This year, I wanted to get in for the priority sale (shopping before the public but after the volunteers), and you have to consign 15 items to do this.  I really wanted to volunteer but didn't get into it soon enough for that.  Next time, though.  I begged enough things from Emily and sewed a few things to get the 15 and chose Children's Clothing Exchange.  They do a really good job, and it was kind of fun to list the things I had, print the tags (complete with my own bar code), and then check the list every night to see how much I had sold.  Of course, I only get 65% of what I sell plus a fee for selling, so it wasn't a big money-maker for me.  I almost broke even though.  I turned in 15 things that Graysen had outgrown or that otherwise didn't work and a few things I made and got all this for a total of about $10.

None of the items showed any wear, and at least 5 of them were originally from $35 to $45 new.  Who would ever pay $45 for a pair of Christmas pajamas, but I got them for $4.  And the almost-new red shoes - $5 instead of $32.

These are going into a box to be mailed tomorrow with a lot of accumulated things, including 3 shirts I embroidered for Graysen.

The fox and circle monogram are from Planet Applique and the pumpkin from Applique Cafe.  The white shirt is from Monag blanks and the two colored one are Garanimals from Wal-Mart.  A good Mimi would make her some pants to match, but I think she will be fine.

This is my table of to-do things before Christmas, most before Thanksgiving.


Time to get busy, it looks like.
As if that weren't enough to do, I decided to learn to use a serger and put together little football jerseys for Stitchworks.  I haven't made any dog ones yet, but that time might come.  I'll have to write more about it later, how the owner dyes her own fabric and personalizes each jersey with names, stripes, anything you want.  Pretty interesting to see how they go from yards of white mesh to the finished product.  It was a learning experience for me, and I think I'm getting a little better with learning the art of serging.  It's really fun.
Can't stop without a few pictures of Graysen.  She's changed overnight, it seems, from an infant to a little girl who scoots around and sits up and plays and gives lots of smiles.  Wish I could see her, but Emily sends me pictures and videos, and we get to Skype every week or so.  Such a joy.
A lot of these pictures I get from Facebook, so they're not new to everyone, but here she is doing what she does.
Hanging out with friends.

Enjoying football weekends.

Eating (or fingerpainting).

Enjoying the pretty weather.

And just being her cute self.



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