Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Searching for My Mind

My common sense takes flight pretty often nowadays, and I do worry a little about it.  What's bad is that Mike's concentration is going at about the same rate.  If we didn't have Mama here to remind us of things, we'd be in worse trouble.

Yesterday it was bananas.

I'm making a meal for a family with sickness and was going to make a simple banana pudding for dessert.  I was organized at the grocery store and found everything I needed with very little problem - except that Publix had decided to hide the slivered almonds in the baking section instead of the popcorn section where they've kept them for years.  After going from Aisle 1 to Aisle 15, being sent back to 1 and back again to 15, I finally got good information and found them on Aisle 6.

But I have no one to blame but myself for the bananas.  I spent a good time in front of the banana display picking out 3 spotted bananas, the softest I could find.  It didn't hit me until sometime last night that banana pudding needs fresh bananas, not mushy ones.  I had made banana bread last week and had had a hard time findings any mushy ones, and I guess that was my reasoning.  So now I have to go back to the grocery store this morning for fresh ones.  I'll probably make banana bread again also to keep myself from looking completely batty.

When I drove back into our neighborhood after that experience, I saw a black and white sign in our yard.  It was pretty disconcerting until I read it and realized the concrete men had come by.  Mama didn't hear the doorbell ring, so I guess they were just getting prepared.  It's going to be dry for awhile, so maybe they'll get that work done this week.

The Oklahoma tornado destruction is just horrifying.  I didn't see much of the coverage on TV because I was working, but seeing the damage this morning, I'm just overwhelmed.  I love a good storm, but I get really scared when the wind starts blowing, so I can just imagine how terrified those people were.  It's also pretty interesting that this tornado is the third one to hit in that same area in a little more than a decade.  I know Emily appreciates living where she does when she sees things like this.  She used to (and probably still does) have a severe tornado phobia.  It was bad enough in elementary school that she would get sick and ask to go home with any heavy rain or wind.
I did a little sewing yesterday, very little.  I wanted to try my hand at making some little boy's shorts and thought I had a pattern but didn't.  I messaged Lydia who has a little boy and asked her what her favorite pattern was, and she gave me a suggestion.  I ended up buying 2 of them, Betsey and Joey which has a lot of options, girls and boys, reversible and nonreversible.  I also got Beach Bum Bermuda Shorts which has pockets and a little more interest.

I love internet patterns.  I think that's what you call them.  There's no waiting.  You pick it out, send the money, and you can immediately download and print it.  One of the patterns I got is 29 pages, so I'll probably not print out all the instructions, just the pattern part, and refer to the computer for the pictures and instructions.  I love all the details and color pictures - so much clearer than the normal patterns. 

I tried a practice pair, and they were easy enough.  I just need to add the elastic.  It almost matches a little Garanimals shirt I found at Walmart last week.  I'll look for 2 matching fabrics for some reversible ones maybe tomorrow.  I have some ideas rolling around in this useless brain. 

I can't find my camera right now but will add pictures later - if I remember.

I talked to Elise yesterday about her visit.  She is in love with her niece and has developed a secret language with her.  She said Graysen would not sit at all but preferred to stand in her lap and babble.  I have so much to look forward to.  She was not talking and communicating when I saw her last.  Their visit was just the right amount, and she loved how happy and content Emily and Ryan seem, even with her having to go back to work.  I think things will work out with that.  I need to start pestering her for pictures.  It's been a couple of days now....

She and Mike were traveling though Montana and Utah yesterday, headed for Colorado, having a really good time.  Glad they got to take this trip.

I have 20 things to do today.  I'll try to come back and finish this later.

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